Plugged-into the Happenings

There was a heavier dusting of snow than I was expecting this morning, but at least I did have time to get it all shoveled before my full day began. At least the sun was shining and the wind wasn’t blowing which made it more enduring.

My first closing started just after the opening hour at one of our local banks, and as expected, all went as smooth as silk, so by the time it was all over, we all walked out with smiles on our faces.

Believe it or not, after that first closing, there were three other ones to attend thru-out the day, and fortunately those went similarly as well. Two of them were first-time buyers who were bubbling over with joy and excitement over the purchases of their first homes. For whatever reason, I’ve always enjoyed being around the “first-timers” because of how their positive energy lights up the entire closing office.

So with four down, I have one more to go on Monday afternoon which will make for five closings in less than five days. As I mentioned, the month of January was a stellar sales month for me, and February being the month of being rewarded. Ever-thankful and ever-grateful I am for the business North Iowa has given me over these many years.

Speaking of being rewarded, I had to drop a check off to a worker who “thought” he was finished with a job he bid, but after having some sharp words with him yesterday afternoon, I think he finally understood that yours truly is not one who’s going to get strong-armed into paying for something that’s not finished. After visiting with the seller, it was agreed that a thousand dollars would be withheld until that last job was done, so off I drove to his house with check in hand. He was outside waiting, and before he said anything, I handed him a check while saying, “You’re not going to get the rest of it until your job is done and done right.” I was expecting another verbal battle, but I think after my acid conversation with him yesterday, he likely figured it wasn’t going to work with me. As I’ve said many-a-time, “People will take you are far as you let them.”

My late morning showing on a home went well enough to where I was told by the buyer that I’ll be getting a call tomorrow for a second showing. I know it sounds really creepy when saying it, but there are times when I can actually “see” a given buyer living and working in a given house. It happens even more so whenever I’m more familiar with their wants and needs. I’m going to stay positive they’ll end up buying it which will definitely be a good fit for them. Let’s hope they’re in a good mood tomorrow.

In spite of my having a roller-coaster day, every free moment I had was spent watching the various online news-feeds regarding Russia’s un-provoked invasion of Ukraine. The article about the “Ghost of Kiev” which is supposed to be a Ukrainian pilot who shot down as many as six Russian aircraft in the first day of the war. The validity of that post is questionable, but fiction or not, it was enough to go viral and give the Ukrainians enough of a boost in morale.

What Putin, along with his aging and abdominous generals have long forgotten, is that when there is an invasion of a country by another, and the general public of that country being invaded being like-minded, then no matter how out-gunned and out-numbered they are by those approaching armies, it almost always ends up being a long an protracted war. For example, there are likely 190K Russian ground forces in Ukraine right now who don’t know the terrain, and likely being guided by old directions given by their superiors. Well, can you imagine what type of fear must be running thru the veins of those Russian conscripts whenever they march into a town or city, and every corner they turn, possibly being their last? Whenever a general population is fully armed, that’s when the tables are turned. So here we have 44 million Ukrainians and 190K soldiers who’re likely now wearing “Depends” to keep their buddies from seeing how scared they are. Well, that’s what happens when you live in a totalitarian regime and have to do your “duty” by entering the armed forces for say two years. There’s no way in “yell” those green-lings are ready for real boots on the ground combat.

When they were interviewing various people out of Russia’s general public, nearly all the younger ones believed the invasion of Ukraine was wrong, but the funny thing, is the older ones thinking it’s necessary, and for the only reason, is because of the garbage they’ve been fed by those state-owned television stations. Believe me, it’s not only happening in Russia, because back when our past President was saying and doing some really bizarre things, it was usually the seniors who were sticking up for him. I’ll never forget the day when a retired colleague stopped at my office during his presidency, and for whatever reason, I mentioned something about an exceptionally brainless comment that had come out if his mouth. Well, as soon as I said it, I got a loud kick-back of “I wish people would leave him alone and let him do his job.”, and just at that moment, I lost a great deal of respect for that person whom I thought had a fine and reasonable mind. Of course what’s really angered me about our past President, is his recent comments about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and you do know, the Russians now have that short clip being circulated all over Russia on their State-owned TV’s. And you wonder why people get such bizarre ideas about the real happenings in our world.

You may be wondering why I am so very much plugged-into the happenings in Ukraine, and the fact being, I absolutely cannot stomach seeing innocent men, women and children being harmed and/or killed for no justifiable reason. I pray for Putin to go very far away and never to be seen or heard from again. Don’t you think it’s time?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Thru careful instruction, we should all hone our reading and listening skills to where we always approach printed or online news with distrust.

Joe Chodur

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