Shoulders Strong Against Putin’s Forces

Most of my day was filled with various duties associated with some of my own catching-up of personal chores which were falling behind, along with meeting several buyers on a particular property. By the time I was finished showing it, I finally said to the husband and wife who seemed to be at odds, “Now look. I’m not trying to shove this home down your throats, so my suggestion is that you have a good long talk about it, and if you can’t see yourselves owning it, then just move on because it will sell to someone else.” I normally don’t have such strong words, but I was getting the feeling one of the spouses thought I was pushing to buy it, which I wasn’t. I told them to think about it over the weekend and get back to me next week.

Not long after I got back to office, I received a call from a tenant in a bit of a pinch with her back door which wouldn’t latch properly to the point where she couldn’t get the deadbolt to work, so I headed over and had a look. Well, about an hour and a half later, there were two extended strike plates purchased and installed which ended up working like a charm. I’m very thankful I didn’t run into any issues with them, and even more happy they had them in stock at Mendard’s. Talk about a madhouse out there this afternoon. I really wish we could get a Lowe’s or Home Depot to locate here because nearly all that crap Menard’s sells is low-quality merchandise that’s almost always coming for Mainland China.

By the time I got back to office, it was nearing the hour of three, so I did a quick wipe-up of the floors, organized a few files, and then headed out to Hy-Vee to pick up a few grocery items. While I was being checked out, I had a nice visit with one of the clerks I personally know, and of course the topic of our conversation was all about Putin’s invasion of Russia. I casually said, “They should stop all imports from Russia including their prize vodka.” She laughed and then added, “As of yesterday, all Russian alcohol is being sent back to the distributor.” Wow! Good for them.

I was on the phone with an old client while driving home, and he said it’s been on Fox News about America’s promise to Ukraine back when they gave up their atomic missiles, that Russia and the United States made an agreement with Ukraine that if they were invaded by another country, they were to step in. Well, since it’s Russia that’s the aggressor, it looks like it’s on the United States to fulfill their promise.

I’m also not a big fan of boots on the ground, but our Country has a military sophistication to where un-manned drones could be launched, along with precision missiles which have an accuracy unmatched by others.

I was also told that Putin not only sent another 10,000 troops on the road to Kiev, but has also invited his Chechen war-lording puppets to fight. What a piece of shite. Well I can tell you, if the Chechens have their boots on Ukraine’s soil, that will be something they’ll not forget, and likely find ways to make them wish they’d never heard of Ukraine.
Someone also said that they think Putin has a protracted Covid infection to the point where it’s affecting his brain. There’s definitely been something that’s happened to him since the beginning of Winter which is cause for alarm. Perhaps his inner circle will finally implode and he’ll be left standing alone.

Let us continue to hope and pray the residents of Kiev continue to keep their shoulders strong against Putin’s forces. Truth be told, I actually thought the Russian people were smarter and had guts than they have because that regime should’ve come down years ago. Perhaps when it does, we won’t be hearing about anymore “questionable” deaths of his opponents. Yep, he’s gonna crispy-fry in Hell.

It also has come as no surprise the other evil empire in the Pacific continues to straddle the fence on Ukraine’s invasion. Xi’s true colors will be revealed long before this is all over, and if so, perhaps people will prompt people to stop buying their inferior goods. I did not realize until just recently, that when our County sends used clothing over to the poor countries of Africa, most of it gets thrown away because much of that fabric is of very poor quality. I’m glad to have read that article because I’ve personally noticed how much more quickly my dress clothes wear out. Some of it starts “pilling” after the first wearing. Go figure. Unfortunately most of our young haven’t a clue regarding the quality of the fabrics they’re buying.

It’s been somewhat of an uneventful day which is prompting me to sign-off for tonight. Do have a good rest, and be sure to say a prayer or two for the Ukrainians.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If people would dare to speak to one another honestly and unreservedly, there would be a good deal less sorrow in the world a hundred years hence.

Joe Chodur

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