His Only Regrettable Option

Well, as of today, it’s looking like the world we live in has taken a turn for the worst with that devil Putin having ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. With a major authoritarian having made such a bold move, it won’t surprise me if Xi of China follows suit with an all-out storming of Taiwan.

I will likely go to my grave wondering what actually possesses the minds and spirits of such wicked people, and if there is a Heaven and Hell, when Putin takes his long over-due dirt nap, I’ll wager he’ll be strapped alongside the other great evils that have gone before him, on a rotisserie that’s closest to Hell’s eternal flame.

Most of my day was getting the last little chores done on my closing files scheduled for tomorrow, and if they do close without a hitch, along with the one closing on Monday, I dare say I’ll be considering the month of February of 2022, being my “fat” February.

An out of office appointment I had, was to do some checking up on work being done on a home I’ll be getting listed, and to my internal anger, the work was not fully completed, so I had to place a call to the worker to get back over there and get it done. Like always, the first question was, “When am I gonna get paid?”, and of course my knee-jerk response being, “When you’ve completed the job you agreed to do.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but it sure has become commonplace with workers doing half-baked jobs and then come running to get paid.

In between my appointments, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few supplies, just to make sure I’ll have enough on hand in case for some reason our supply-chain gets broken again. I’m about ready to say to “yell” with this globalization because more sooner than later, our democratic societies end up getting squeezed by those authoritarian regimes which unfortunately, we helped create their factories by out-sourcing. Yes, it’s always about making the biggest corporate buck and no consideration of long-term effects on our own economy.

I was expecting Biden to unleash greater sanctions on Putin and his cronies, but unfortunately he didn’t. I do have to agree with Mitch MicConnell when he said our Country should go after them with everything we have to cripple Russia’s economy. I’m sure there’s some dark reason why he cut them short, which will some day be fully revealed. Another thing we forget about history, is that in time, the full truth does come out more sooner than later.

My listing at 201 S. Vermont had a good showing yesterday, so let’s hope those buyers step up to the plate and get it purchased. We’ve had enough showings on it, as well as an offer that didn’t go thru, which is an indication that it’s long over-due being sold. I’m not sure how much this war in Ukraine is going to affect our financial markets, but if past history is any indicator, we’ll likely start seeing the interest rates rise even more than they have.

Please keep in mind, Russia’s economy is no greater than that of Italy, other than it being the world’s largest gas station which Putin’s been using as a leverage against the Europeans. Russia is pretty much an oil based economy which relies heavily on its natural resources for revenue, but remember, too many eggs in one basket makes for a sorry egg gatherer.

Wicked me was at it again today with those random people I encountered by saying after giving Putin an even better looking-over, he really does remind me of a shaved opossum that’s be dressed up in a suit and taught to speak Russia. Of course every one I mentioned his resemblance to those ugly creatures of the night, got a good laugh and actually agreed with me. Of course my last comment was, “And he’s probably keeping his pants in place with its disgusting tail.

I did read a very good online article today about the debunking of the myth that Putin is a genius when it comes to political maneuvering. Point by point there were examples of ignorant moves he made which ended up coming back to bite him. I actually thought of that very thing when he amassed those hundreds of thousands of troops at Ukraine’s border, and likely having convinced himself that the free world would cave to his wishes. Well, they didn’t, so to save face, he forced the hand he alone had dealt. Unfortunately for him, to save face, the invasion of a sovereign nation became his only regrettable option.

One thing I hope, is that our entire world finally does come to understand, the fact that no matter what he and his government says or does, is justified by a pack of lies. Have you ever noticed how Putin and his cronies never having taken ownership of their wrong-doings. It reminds of a few people I know who’re chronic liars who can’t remember if they’re telling the truth or lying. Yes, I know some who’re just that bad.

Let’s hope and pray the Ukrainian people can resist this invasion of their country enough to where the Russian soldiers will have lost all will to continue on with their insane invasion triggered by one man for absolutely no justifiable reason.

Tonight’s One-liner is: You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

Joe Chodur

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