Mmm Yellow

I wasn’t happy to find it still snowing when I awakened, and those so-called “flurries” we were to get, ended up being well over an inch by the time it finally quit late this afternoon. Let’s all hope this 3″ – 5″ we’re supposed to get on Sunday will be much less. Yes, we officially have well over a month of winter, but at least we’re on the downward slide of it all.

Most of my morning was spent dealing with the issues our new-fallen snow had created, along with meeting with several advertising reps regarding the coming weeks of ad placings. I may sound like I have an axe to grind with the Globe Gazette, but really not. The big issue I have is how much less of an impact they have on our home-buying public. Their website, which I pay to subscribe to every month, hasn’t had any format updates in likely 20 years. I think that cash cow of theirs needs to get re-vamped, or sent to slaughter because it is exceptionally weak, and certainly not “mobile friendly”. I dare not divulge how much I pay in just one year’s time in advertising costs with them, and not sure how few if any results come from it.

I have another open house scheduled for 114 – 11th St. NE tomorrow afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. The more I’m in that home, the more I could see that beauty returned to its original grandeur, and about all it needs is some serious cosmetic updating. I can’t imagine someone not falling in love with its 3rd floor because it would make a fabulous master bedroom with a master bath and walk-in closet. It there ever was a “sleeper” on the market today, that one is it. If I were a multi-millionaire, I’d have that home moved to an acreage setting where it would have a commanding countryside presence. The third floor views offered, would be breath-taking.

Part of my afternoon was back at those two file cabinets where I was sorting, shredding, and re-filing. Some of what I was finding, should’ve been shredded years ago, but as we all know, when something’s out of sight, it’s soon out of mind. Several of the paper boxes were filled with some bittersweet memories of happenings from decades ago.

For me, that’s all it takes is seeing one little “prop” from years ago, and the trigger of memory gets pulled, and then I’m right back there. The more I read, the more I realized that our times have drastically changed, and we can thank technology for it. I’d forgotten how much more connected family and friends were back then to where they were interacting with each other on a nearly daily basis, and believe it or not, they actually penned personal letters to each other on a regularly.

In today’s world, people don’t call; they text. So the days of placing a landline phone call to friends or extended family members is nearing obsolescence. I’m sure you’ve all forgotten the “feeling” when your phone rang, and as you were walking over to pick it up, you were guessing who it was that was calling. Yes, there actually was a time when Caller-ID didn’t exist. Even today, some of the older ones still answer their phones, “Mmm Yellow”. The rare times I hear it coming out of someone’s mouth, I smile while still wondering where that got started. They really may not actually be saying “yellow”, but it has always sounded like that to me. I’m now wondering if it was something specific to North Iowa, or if it was nationwide. Perhaps when feeling a little wicked, I’ll have to answer my office phone is such a fashion.

I’m sure many of you remember Lilly Tomlin’s little skits a number of years ago when she played “Earnestine, The Switchboard Operator”. I’d always get a good laugh when watching her placing those calls. Just for giggles, I’ve attached one I found on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. I’m sure you’ll be walking down your own memory lanes when watching it.

Ernestine the telephone operator calls General Motors

My last appointment of the day was to open a home owned by one of my clients for a contractor he’d called to look at a small project he’s wanting done while wintering in Arizona. I happened to recognize him, so after he got his good look at the job, and measurements taken, we had a nice chat about the poor quality of work we’ve been seeing performed by those who “think” they’re worth the prices they’re being paid. I was glad to find he still has a great love for woodworking. Before leaving, I told him he’ll always be in demand because he’s part of that dying breed who places excellence above dollars signs.

Tonight’s one-liner is: People always need difficulties in their lives because they’re good for their metaphysical health.

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