Growing Cerro Gordo Greener

Ouch! It certainly was a biting cold morning with it being minus seven degrees when I pulled out of my driveway, and not getting much warmer until around noontime. Thank goodness the wind wasn’t blowing because we would’ve been suffering all the more.

My first appointment was to show my listing up at 508 Bridge Street in Plymouth. I got there a few minutes early so I could get the doors unlocked and all lights turned on before the buyers arrived. It was my first encounter with them, and by the time they’d seen everything, I was finding them quite delightful, and hopefully I’ll be getting a call back to take a second look, or possibly another one they’d found online.

When traveling to and from my office to Plymouth, I couldn’t help but notice two monster country homes that’d recently been built. One of them is on the south side of 12th NE, and not very far from the north entrance of NIACC. That two story is one heck of a big boy, and I’d wager it must have 3,000 square feet or more of living area above grade, while not counting its lower-level finished areas. All those north and westerly facing windows must certainly keep its furnace running hard all winter long.

The second one I noticed, is located about a half mile south of that little golf course and hamlet of homes on the east side of Hwy 65 North. There used to be a dark blue larger bungalow style home located there, but ended up getting demolished to make room for yet another monster country ranch with a three stall attached garage. Judging by the distance off the highway, I’d guess that home has well over 2,500 square feet on the main floor, and likely another partially finished basement.

Whenever I see such homes being built and likely one or two people rattling around inside, I can’t help wondering why so much money was being spent for so little use. Yes, there’ll always be those with money who’ll work hard at showing off their wealth. It sort of reminds me of a naughty child out on a playground with the biggest sucker or candy bar in hand and screaming to others, “Look at what I’ve got, and it’s all mine.” How unfortunate for their thinking that everyone seeing their “McMansions” are frothing at the mouths with jealousy. No thank you. I’ll continue sticking with my concept of diminished elegance.

My public open house at 114 – 11th St. NE went exceptionally well today where I wasn’t alone in the home more than 10 minutes during the entire two hours. The first arrival seemed exceptionally impressed by it, and after having a good visit with them, I personally believe they’d be the best fit for that grand home. I could tell they were the type who prefer buying something for less and making their own improvements rather than paying thousands more for a “lipsticked pig”. If they were truthfully telling me what they were looking for, there’s no doubt that home fits their criteria.

I had a appointment after my open house to show 415 – 1st St SE. The buyers were early, so I raced to get the door unlocked for them. It was a good showing, and while walking out, they said it was a possibility, and perhaps worth another look in the future.  They’re downsizing, and hopefully it’s small enough for them to warrant a move.

While at my open house, I received three calls from people needing information on some properties, so back to the office I went and started my online digging. Luckily I found what they were looking for, and called them back with the information they were in need of.

While there, I received a call from a dear client who moved to Hayward Minnesota about a year ago. I was actually in shock because just yesterday I went digging in a file for their phone number so I’d be sure to call her and husband on Monday. It sounded like they’re getting pounded with snow and cold, but that’s what’s to be expected when living that far north. If I were more of a winter lover, I believe it would be a great place to live, but unfortunately I’m not. Working outdoors during wintertime when growing up on a farm, fully cured me of any and all positive facets of winter.

Several days ago, I read an article written by a gentleman who’s likely in his 60’s who took it upon himself to begin about 30 years ago, living a naturally green life where he started taking advantage of the near half acre of rear yard of his suburban home. He insisted that he’s not been sick since he began growing all his own food. There was a picture of him, and I’d say he looks to be as healthy as a horse.

What struck a chord with me, was the idea that perhaps we’d all be the healthier if we re-prioritized our lives and worked at growing our own food naturally. This so-call Blue Zone Project award we received would be nothing on the scale of our grass-roots accomplishment of growing our own healthy food which in turn, would keep us healthier. I can see the sign in my mind now, “Growing Cerro Gordo Greener”.

While writing this, I was reminded of stories I heard from a now retired associate who often spoke about how exceptionally healthy her father was during his long life of growing fruits and vegetables for their family, as well surrounding corner markets. She insisted that never once had she seen her father sick, and when he died at the ripe old age of 99, that’s all he did was fall asleep and never wake up. I’d say such a way to go, and at such and age, is likely what we’ve all been wishing for.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The shoe that fits one person, pinches another; there’s no recipe that suits all cases.

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