Dirtying Up

It was beyond chilly this morning when seeing it only six degrees outdoors as I was driving to work, but fortunately the sun did come out and begin warming things up, and quite amazed when seeing the temps had risen to 35 degrees in the Downtown at around 2:00 pm. Of course as sunset was approaching, the temps started tumbling back down again.

When seeing a sliver of sunlight coming thru the east window of my office this morning, my spirits were greatly raised, because every year, as the month of October nears its end, the sun stops shining thru that window, which is my queue that winter is on its way. Then around the first week or so of February, there’s a glowing sliver of light that comes peeking in that very window which is my visual marker, quietly announcing that Spring is around the corner.

It’s no wonder people built structures out of stone those thousands of years ago, and placed them in such positions that the sun would be accurately alerting them each and every year the time to plant, and when the harvest season arrived. I think many of those ancient minds weren’t as “prehistoric” as many believe, and I’m still of the mindset they held natural secrets which we’ve yet to discover and/or understand.

I had a relatively early showing this morning on a home, and when I got there, I found that the key to its front door didn’t want to trip the lock, so off we went to the side door, and luckily it was keyed similarly which allowed us entry. Making matters even worse, was when finding the garage service door key didn’t want to turn the lock, and to think I had just shown it about a week ago with no problems. I’ll have to go back over there again tomorrow and see what’s going on with those locks.

The better part of the rest of my day was spent sorting out files and shredding un-necessary papers that were just taking up space in two file cabinets, which if I get those files organized as they should, I may be able to fit everything into just one of them, and subsequently free up another 4-drawer cabinet, and in time be put to use, but for now, it’ll get hauled back my storage room.

This is the time of year I believe all of us should take stock of those things around us, and if they’re no longer of any use, they should be disposed of, and/or given away, because when Spring does arrive, we’ll be too busy with added work outdoors and once again place those thoughts on a “back burner” for another season. As far as I’m concerned, Spring cleaning should be done before it actually arrives.

While on the phone with a dear one today, we happened on the subject of vulgarity and lack of decorum in our society. We both agreed that in these times, it seems the more base people are, the more they attempt to find ways to reach even lower. I mentioned that in spite of having lived thru many decades of seeing and hearing such vulgarity, I still can’t get myself accustomed to it, because it always gives me an uncomfortable feeling. She fully agreed, and convinced the reason it’s happening, is due to the way in which every age group, including our seniors, are allowing themselves to be lowered. I couldn’t help sharing with her the story I was told about a dirty old man who’s now dead, but in his sunset years, he’d go to a bar, order drinks, and before leaving, throw his tips on the floor, just so he could make fun of the waitresses bottoms as they stooped down to pick them up. Yes, Asmodeus seems to be having all the more fun dirtying up the minds of the many more.

My last appointment for the day was to show two homes to that charming young couple I’ve recently been working with. They may be young, but they sure have some wonderful old fashioned standards which I’ve found quite refreshing. They’re of the mindset that they don’t have to have everything now, and willing to work and save for what they want, and you can be sure, they’re not the type who’ll purchase at the top of their income limits. Isn’t that refreshing?

Speaking of money, my dear one told me today that her husband just recently heard on the news that if a given person or household should be handed an un-expected bill for $500.00, there’s now around 75% of our population who’d be unable to pay it right away. Isn’t that scary. I mentioned it to a struggling tenant today who also heard the same thing on the radio, but before she left, I reminded her that both she and her husband absolutely MUST start working all the harder at not being in that 75% bucket. And to think there are those multi-billionaires out there who just can’t take enough, and you can be sure, there are those “wanna-be-like” mentalities living right here in River City. Nasty creatures.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Your vision will only become clear when you can look into your own heart, because when looking outside you dream, but when looking within, you awaken.

Joe Chodur

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