Friends are Like Stars

Having not looked at the weather forecast for several days, I was surprised to see storm clouds brewing in the west this morning.  For once their forecast was true, because we did get rain during our morning rush hour.  It didn’t take long for the humidity and temperatures to rise not long afterward.  As I mentioned to a customer today, I can take the heat, but the humidity is another story.  According to KIMT weather, we’re supposed to be getting rain up until Saturday morning.  As long as we don’t get another thunderstorm like we did on the 28th of May, I’ll be happy.  I’m still hearing sad stories from people affected by that storm.

My day was filled with showings of rentals and homes for sale.  What would make these days all the easier, is if those annoying telemarketers would stop calling my office number as well as my cell.  For some reason, they seem to nearly always call at the most inopportune times.  Robot calls are just one more downside of our evolving age of computerization.  Artificial intelligence is growing all the more frightening for many countries in our world.  I just read an article in The Economist about how China is rapidly becoming a surveillance state.  It somewhat reminded me of the movie, “The Minority Report”.

After visiting with the seller of 1104 – 16th St. NE again today, it was decided to do a large price adjustment on it.  It’s now priced at $39,500 which for any industrious buyer, it’s a real bargain.  We need to get it sold very soon, so doing a drastic price reduction should create some good interest.  If I were but a young man, I’d be asking the listing agent where on a purchase agreement I need to spill some ink.  I do hope it sells to someone who’s going to flip it, or fix it up and live in it.  That neighborhood deserves more than it becoming a low-end rental.  All it needs is someone to start loving it again.

While visiting with an acquaintance of mine today, he mentioned having recently had a new furnace and central air installed.  I was compelled to ask him how much his bill was.  When he told me,  all I could say was, “You were charged plenty!”  Every time I hear of a contractor charging more than an average amount to a naive consumer, I internally bristle.  It’s no wonder so many of our elderly who have money are afraid to have improvements made on their homes when hearing all the horror stories from people they know that’ve been grossly overcharged.  I once heard a contractor say in a smug fashion, “They’ve got the money, so why not make them share all the more with me?”  After hearing that, I was sure to never use or refer that company to anyone asking.

While at one of my appointments today, I happened to read something that moved me.  On a plaque was written, “Good friends are like stars.  You don’t always see them, but you always know they’re there.”  What a wonderful thought, don’t you think?  It reminds me of an old German saying which I’ve shared before that goes, “I you leave this world with one true friend, you’ve left it a very rich person.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When in darkness, we must always hold our lanterns all the higher for one another.

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