Running Circles

I’m sure you all have a few people in your lives who no matter what you tell them to be the truth, they’ll insist otherwise and consider the sources of those truths to be shysters who’re bent on making other people’s lives miserable, when in fact it’s those very people who make those warrantless accusations, the ones who’re getting some sort of dark joy in stirring their pots of discord.  I’ve come to the conclusion that most of those people think very little of themselves and have far too much free time on their hands to sow their seeds of malcontent.  Unfortunately I have to deal with them from time to time, but if I didn’t, I’d not be walking, but running in the opposite direction.  Just make sure you’ve recognized their patterns more sooner than later, so not to get yourselves pulled into dark holes of extended drama.

At a rental showing I had today, a very interesting couple happened to show up.  They moved here from Florida about four years ago and have now decided to make Mason City their permanent home.  It didn’t take me long to discover who wore the pants in their family.  The wife freely admitted being very regimented with her household to where her husband and son insisted her to be a clone of a German headmistress. I couldn’t help but tease her husband and son a bit by saying, “We need more women like your wife and mother to keep order in these chaotic times.”  They got a good laugh out of it while his wife was quick to agree with my statement.  I personally admire people who can maintain more regimentation in home lives.  I see far too many others just considering themselves vacationers living in motel rooms where they’re still waiting for the maid to arrive and clean up their piggy pens.

When I was showing a home several days ago, I just happened to pull the shower curtain aside and take a peek at the tub/shower enclosure.  Oh Mercy!  I’ll wager it hadn’t been cleaned since they moved into that home some years ago.  It’s unfathomable how adults who are supposed have brains, can’t see the filth they’re living in on a daily basis.  Some of those very homes are inhabited by health care individuals which makes me wonder if they’re the culprits who’re dragging disease to hospitals and infecting their weakened patients.  Not long ago, I opened a refrigerator where a nurse was living, and found there to be dog hair in both the fridge and freezer portions.  That was certainly a visual overload I’d rather not have seen.  Do they still teach Home Economics in high schools?

The highlight of my day was being called out to look at a home that’ll be coming on the market sometime in August.  I’ve known the family for some years, and after I gave the home a good look-over and then my estimated price of sale, we had an extended talk about family, memories of years gone by, and most of all sharing heartfelt stories about people in our lives who’ve passed since we last visited.  As I was driving away, I was reminded once again that there still are some really darned nice people living here in Mason City and North Iowa.  Selling that home for them will be my pleasure, because loving and giving people deserve my 110 percent.

Since our last big storm, I’ve been watching a home that had some tree limbs come down.  Since I’ve seen the owners outside a few times while driving by, I’d say they’re in their late 30’s or early 40’s.  What makes me internally laugh, is seeing how weak they are in keeping up the exterior and yard of their home.  It almost appears they’re always in a snail-pace mode to get anything done.  They’re another example of people who’re in their 30’s who physically act like they’re in their seventies or eighties, while on the flip-side, we see others in their sixties and seventies who’re running circles around their double-decade juniors. It makes a person wonder what they’ll be like if and when they do arrived at the doorsteps of their retirement years.  I’d have to say Uncle Sam should be discounting their retirement checks for their chronic laziness.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Guns make little men giants, and big men their targets.

Joe Chodur

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