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My morning started with getting some correspondence returned to several clients, along with doing some postings of listings on the internet.  I finally got into measure and take photos of 1104 – 16th St. NE here in Mason City.  What I found interesting about the home, is that I dare say I’ve not been in one with its layout.  It might appear to some, a bit non-standard, but I found it to have good flow.  It does need quite a bit of improving, but nothing so daunting to cause a buyer to walk away from it.  If I were to buy that house, I would take out the wall between those two back-to-back bedrooms and have one nice big bedroom.  With its current layout, that change would be feasible.  I’m going to visit with the seller tomorrow regarding a price reduction on it now that I’ve personally inspected it.  I only wish some industrious and talented young person would buy it and start creating some fast equity.

What I find very sad in these times, is there being so few young buyers wanting to purchase homes that need work.  Back when I was young, I found it challenging as well as exciting to learn how to do home improvements.  There was one home I purchased a number of years ago which was nearing a point of no return.  One of the big issues it had was a section of its stone foundation which was caving into the basement.  The first and foremost thing I ordered done, was to have a stonemason come and repair that section to the point where it looked as if there’d never been a problem.

I considered that home my nine month baptism in fire.  I would work my real estate job during the day, and then go over and work until about 11:00 pm every night.  I started on the second floor and went room from room until finished, and then worked my way down to the main floor.  The two major projects waiting for me on the first floor, was to create a workable modern kitchen, as well a strip all the varnish and paint off the doors, windows and woodwork.  My final job was to sand and varnish all the hardwood floors.

As chance would have it, one of my husband and wife customers found out that I was working on it and insisted I show it to them.  Unfortunately, after his wife walked thru it, it became a struggle for me to keep them out until I was finished.  As much as I resisted selling it to them, they pressured me all the more until I finally named a price for the finished product, and they jumped at it.

They lived there for maybe ten or twelve years and then called me to list it.  It didn’t surprise me another Realtor sold right away.  That particular owner lived there for maybe ten years more and then listed it and sold to a young couple.  Its last sale price was well over 100K.  In passing, I happened to know the wife, so when I did finally run into her, I asked what prompted her and her husband to purchase it, and her answer was, “I fell in love with the woodwork on the main floor.”  I couldn’t help but tell her in a prideful way that I was the one who refinished it.  It took some convincing before she finally realized I actually did.  I still remember likely every square inch of that woodwork–even the spoon-carving on the tops of its windows and doorways.  I’m still thankful in knowing I gave that home its new lease on life.

Another photo I took yesterday while and had my camera with me, was of the above shot I took of a wild turkey strolling in a patch of green.  It was quite a distance away, yet it still looked like a pretty big bird.  It’s always pleasant to see wildlife of the likes within our City’s borders.  Now if someone could find a way to drive out the deer, squirrels, and crows from our cities and towns, that person would become a millionaire overnight.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  A child’s innocence must always be heavily guarded.

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    I have deer, squirrels, crows and a couple of chipmunks that come into my yard daily, I like them.