Tropical Blossom

Tropical BlossomMore than just a few people have been mentioning how unseasonably cool our days and nights have been this past week.  I couldn’t help but agree more when a delivery person arrived today and mentioned how cold it was last year on the 4th of July.  We both confirmed that winters aren’t winter anymore as well as summers not being summers.  In recent years, the temperatures have seemed to bounce up and down more erratically.

I met with a gentleman today on a business matter, but while there we ended up talking about Australia.  Seems he lived there for a number of years while working for an American company.  I certainly learned a few things about that country I’d never heard before.  One thing that was the most disturbing is the chronic problem they have with flies.  He said no matter where you go or what you do while outdoors, the flies are there pestering you in a great big way.

I cringed when he told me they’re not so much the biting flies, but rather the ones that seem to be searching for moisture and matter in all body crevices.  He said they’d be trying to get in your eyes, up your nose, in your mouth, and even in your ears.  He said the constant waving away of flies from their faces gave way for it to be coined “An Australian goodbye.”  He must’ve thought I didn’t get enough shivers when telling me about the flies, so he he went on to share with me the number of poisonous creatures in the sea as well as on land, including some giant lizards which have absolutely no fear of man and have great big bites. I’m glad we moved on to another subject regarding how his parents met.

His father was stationed in Germany where he met a German national whom he found to be the love of his life.  They got married and later returned to the States where he decided to build a home for his new wife and growing family.  Before the home was finished, he was called up to be stationed in Korea, and leaving his wife who understood very little English, to fend for herself while he was gone.  I couldn’t help but comment on how much harder life was in those years, as well as telling his story about his parents, which was a classic example of how much more difficult it was for the war brides coming here from Europe and Asia who had to learn a new language along with acclimating themselves to a new culture.

The closing I had today with my “angel” client went very well, but I was growing a bit teary-eyed after it was over.  I insisted we stay in touch by saying, “If you write to me, I will write back.”  I told her daughter how unfortunate it was that I didn’t know her years before.  It would be a great thing if more women who’re growing older would seek her out and hold her up as a perfect example of a woman growing old gracefully.

My last meeting today was with a client who’s going to be selling his deceased mother’s home.  I was quite taken by some of the stories he told about her love of gardening and quilting.  We even talked about a rare oriental tree that’s growing exceptionally well in her yard.  I praised her gardening ability by saying, “One rarely sees those in this area, so I guess she must’ve babied it along until it grew strong and sturdy.”  My suspicions were confirmed when he said, “Oh yes.  She was always out making sure her trees and plants were given all the water and nutrients they needed.”

The above photo is of a plant that is now starting to bloom.  It’s got a stark and somewhat prehistoric looking tropical blossom on it. Wouldn’t you agree?

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