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Beyond our Reach-1My morning started out about as usual as every other workday.  There were those spill-over calls and texts from yesterday that needed to be answered along with some unexpected research I was called to do for an appraiser who wasn’t able to access online statistics due to his computer having likely been compromised by a virus or two.

I’ve been finding it becoming all the more commonplace with older people and their computers. Just yesterday someone was talking about her computer that’s been working at about half speed and likely due to uninstalled upgrades and viruses.  It’s no wonder those naughty monkey cyber criminals are holding so many companies and people hostage with their ransomware programs that lock down computer systems belonging to innocent victims until they finally cave and pay the ransom to have them unlocked.

I’m finding the world rapidly evolving to where many young living in countries which border on being considered third world nations, either get trained by criminals, or even teach themselves to willing and freely go after the assets of some innocent parties just because they believe they’re more deserving.  I’ve noticed this mentality even in our Country where thieves steal without thinking twice from someone they don’t even know because of their funked up justifications, and the main one being, “They didn’t work for it, and likely given to them, so they deserve it more just because…” Sad but true. Please don’t think me overly negative, but I believe it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Just yesterday I stopped at a store and found they had bags of potting/starting soil on sale so I purchased a bag for a single apple seed that I’ve kept stored away which was from a historic crabapple tree I found growing at an acreage last year.  The deer managed to eat what apples they could reach, but I found one still hanging much higher.  I picked it, tasted it, and decided to save a seed or two.  After opening it, I discovered there was only one good seed.

I stored that seed in a dry place over winter and kept reminding myself when Spring arrived that I needed to get it planted so I could some day show off the fledgling old-time crabapple tree.  I cleaned out a nice sized pot and planted it so if it does germinate, I’ll be able to get it planted outside before winter arrives.

Later this morning I received some staggeringly bad news from a client informing me that a dear familiar of mine passed away suddenly and without notice yesterday.  I’ll likely awaken in the night believing that phone call was just a bad dream.

Just thinking about the happenings these past 24 hours, I’m hoping all the more that crabapple will sprout and grow so to be a constant reminder to me of the dear one who passed yesterday.  If a life ends, then there must be a new life beginning.  I will always hold the fondest of memories of the dear soul and there’s no question in my mind there’s another very happy spirit enjoying a newfound home.

I believe the above photo is an appropriate reminder to us all that those who’ve passed are just beyond our reach.

Joe Chodur

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