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941 - 11th St. NE-1Just this afternoon I received a major price reduction on 941 – 11th St. NE here in Mason City.  With the price being dropped $11,000.00, it is now down to $98,500.00 and certainly well within the range of buyers looking for a 3+ bedroom home with a monster garage that’s within walking distance to the swimming pool, Harding School, and East Park.  Since it’s painted a darker green on the outside, it leaves passers-by to believe it’s smaller than it really is.  Another feature that’s a real plus with this home is that there’s a larger bump-out in the kitchen/dining area offering added room.  The basement is partially finished which will make a great get-away to cozy up during our long winter nights.  When I first inspected the property, I was exceptionally impressed with the open staircase along with the amount of room on the 2nd floor.  There’s a very large patio area to the rear along with there being a fenced yard.  With the size, condition, features, location and price, I don’t think a buyer could do any better than this in the under 100K price range.  Click on the link below to view this listing.

941 – 11th St. NE Mason City

I’ve been doing an exceptional amount of texting with a tenant on a property I help manage regarding her insistence in wanting a dog now.  She knew when she rented it there was a no pet policy the landlord insisted upon.  I was getting text photos of puppies, adult dogs, and every form of pleadings for me to cave and allow an animal.  I told her more than enough times there were no pets allowed but still she’s persisted.  After speaking to the owner regarding this situation, I was left to inform her that she would be free to find somewhere else to live as long as she’d give the required 30 day notice.  The lease would be canceled and another tenant would be found more sooner than later.  I think it finally soaked in with her after receiving that message by her later response saying she loved the house and neighborhood and really not keen on moving again.  I just don’t get it when people try to change rules that were agreed upon in the very beginning.  I’m not so sure if this is the direction society is moving to where no matter what the rules are, they’re going to try to break them because somewhere on the internet they’ve read about others doing it without any repercussions.  As I’ve insisted upon for years, we can’t always trust or believe everything we read or see on the internet.  It’s almost child-like to where if something is written in a believable form, then it must be true. It causes me to remember what a clever man said a number of years ago and that was, “The easiest way for someone to believe a lie is to whisper it in the ear of another.”

These past months I’ve quietly listed to a number of young people who seemed to have lost their desire to do their jobs in the best of their abilities. Nearly all have said, “It’s just a job.”, or “My dead end to Friday’s paycheck.” and even, “I’m just waiting to win the lottery so I don’t have to work at this anymore.” As far as I’m concerned there has become too much of a passive-resistive behavior growing to where people are not looking to lift themselves up, but rather have someone or something else lift them up.  We’ve got to start teaching people how to begin developing passions with their careers.  Again I say, “A digger of ditches who has a passion for his job is always the happiest.”

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