Rudy and a bit Moody

Rudy and a bit MoodyA home that I just listed today should sell in a relatively short period of time due to its pricing, the number of bedrooms, and the minimal or no improvements needed for a buyer to simply enjoy.  It’s located at 215 – 14th St. NW and the price is $49,900.00.  I’ve sold many homes in that district over the years which have similar floor plans which really do work for growing families.  Most people when driving by these homes think them to be much larger than they are but in fact they’re a manageable size which keeps homeowners from feeling overwhelmed whenever they decide to make improvements.  There are hardwood floors thru-out, a formal dining room, large kitchen with pantry closet, nice basement with ½ bath, and a very large yard for anyone wanting to build a monster garage or possibly have a victory garden.  The yard is nearly completely fenced with the exception of the rear section which could easily be finished out.  There’s few 3 bedroom homes in the under 50K range which don’t need thousands of dollars of improvements.  I’m really not looking for this home to be on the market very long.

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215 – 14th St. NW
Over the weekend I was reading a chapter in a book that I found to be quite interesting and in conversation with another today about the subject, and I began drawing comparisons and similarities with some of the interactions I’ve observed with the public.  The topic of that chapter was regarding how people un-knowingly allow themselves to be “controlled” by the strong thoughts of others—especially when in tense situations.  I began thinking about how some salespeople hammer on buyers to purchase things they normally wouldn’t have had they been in more neutral and controlled environments.  There are many different ways in which people control others thoughts in situations.  It can be with body language, it can be the over-use of words implying that something has to be done now before someone else gets it, it can be with the use of evocative and breathy voices, and it can be in a powerful manner to where one doesn’t want to dis-agree for fear of being rejected.  Believe it or not, there are some who pull the religion card in attempting to induce agreement on what the controlling person believes the controlled should righteously do.  Believe me, I’ve had many brushes with all of the above and then some who’ve considered me a pushover when attempting to get an agreement on purchasing something that I wasn’t having that “warm and fuzzy” feeling over.  I’ll not forget the times me being badgered by salespeople who absolutely wouldn’t stop talking and believing they “knew” what I was looking for while out shopping. If the chatter doesn’t stop I usually in a kind voice say something like, “If you don’t stop talking and hovering over me, I’m going to walk out the door.”  Without even a second thought, I either walk out or continue shopping without being pestered.  I’m sure there’ve been times when some of those salespeople who’ve started that “sales control technique”  have considered me at times a little rudy and a bit moody.  As I’ve said for years, “I’m simply the presenter, order taker, and facilitator, because a home really does sells itself.”

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