The War of the Worlds…

We the residents of Mason City are approaching the point of being at what the sci-fi would believe to be the War of the Worlds.

At one side are the nay-sayers who believe that all is good and nothing needs to be changed. On the other side, there are those that can see past the blinders that our community of Mason City and North Iowa have set in place. I am becoming more vocal about this in a positive sense because Holtz Realty have been a part of downtown Mason City for over 70 years. Just yesterday I was showing homes to an extended family from Rochester Minnesota and they were asking me about the growth of Mason City. Believe me, they have already done their on-line research. I told them that based on our last census, we are just holding our own. I almost said to the matriarch of that family, “We would be the same size or bigger if we didn’t have the nay-sayers in our community for so many years.” I have to be diplomatic in my profession.

When I spoke with the Mayor of Mason City, Eric Bookmeyer today, I told him that there needs to be more flexibility from City Hall if we are going to create real Business in our city. Too many people in our local, state and federal government are so afraid that they will loose their jobs if they make a “not-by-the-book judgement call”. These people have absolutely no vision. We should never ride by the seat of our pants, but rather true long term judgements. Let’s drive real business here rather than away.

Remember, I spoke earlier in an article that Mason City should have been and should be the “Hub of North Iowa and Southern Minnesota.

Many hands and minds make little work!

Joe Chodur

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