In Another Life…

Once upon a time yours truly from a very early age had a keen interest in Botany. Many fond memories are held close of my Mother scolding me for paying too much attention to the plant world. I was curious as well as investigative. I learned and understood by trial and error the interaction of the plant world. You may think me crazy, but I consider plants like pets—they all have their own personality.

So with this said, I have decided to finally tell all of Mason City and the powers that be in North Iowa how much they are allowing future problems to be created. I drive many miles across  our city and county and see so many poor judgement calls in landscaping of boulevards as well as home individual home owners. I wish our county would allow me to write an ordinance for what is allowed and not allowed. So many times I have had to keep my mouth quiet when clients and or customers tell me about the great achievements they have done in their landscaping. I indeed have to turn a blind eye to very poor judgement calls and think, “What a problem you will have if you stay here too long!”

Everyone keeps talking about going “Green” but they absolutely MUST do their research before they plant ANYTHING. This is why we have in and about Mason City and North Iowa far more invasive species of trees and plants than anyone could ever imagine.

I will give you just three shrubs and trees of these as a test:

1. European Buckthorn
2. Free pollinating Locust
3. Silver Maple

If anyone tells you that I don’t know what I’m talking about by mentioning just these three, then they are in denial.

As a footnote, isn’t it better to wait for something to get bigger because it well be better?

Joe Chodur

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