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This lingering dampness and cold is starting to grow annoying, and when checking on this weekend’s weather, it looks like we’ll be lucky if we even get close to forty degrees both Saturday and Sunday. The longer this hangs on, the more likely we’re not going to have the easing into summer, but rather the sudden happening.

When I arrived at office, I busied myself with getting some information printed out on a listing to give to a prospective buyer which I then placed in an envelope and waited for his office to open so I could hand deliver it to him. I normally don’t arrive un-announced, but the last time I talked to him, I forgot to get his cell phone number.

He was already there when I arrived, so I proceeded to tell him my thoughts on the property, along with making sure I’d be available to show it to him on the weekend.
For whatever reason, there’s a good share of buyers and sellers who think Realtors don’t work weekends. I know there are those who don’t, but the active players definitely have keep their weekends open for appointments if they want to keep their bills paid. We had a short chat and then I headed back to office so I could move on to the next “to do” on my list.

An attorney called to tell me the much-needed docs were ready to pick up on another closing I have coming up next week. After I left his office, I headed back to mine and made copies of everything he supplied, and then delivered them to the examining attorney for review. I’ll be very happy when that home is closed because the buyers have been chomping at the bit wanting to get started. It’s a project house, but for sure when it’s finished, it’ll be beauty.

I spent about an hour getting the rest of those stored and very out-dated boxes of files and ledgers gathered together so I can get them burned because after they’re completely destroyed, I’ll be grateful to have more storage shelves available. I still can’t believe how quickly time passes when you’re not paying attention.

While visiting with a colleague today, we both agreed that some of these recent sales that’ve been taking place, are continuous confirmations of how there seems to be mindsets of desperation again with buyers wanting to get something purchased. I’m now wondering if it’s fear driven, and if it is, I’m not exactly sure what it is they’re afraid of.
I hope they’re not of the Roman mindset where they’re thinking, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.” Let’s hope there’s a more logical reason for this impetuous buying and selling.

I did also mention that over these past nine months, our fixed interest rates have climbed on average, a full percentage point. One may not think that’s a big deal, but when calculating a mortgage payment on say $150K, that’s a noticeable difference. Another factor that I’ve been watching, is how expensive homeowner’s insurance is getting. Just this past year, I’ve seen a marked spiking in premiums which I find unusual because insurance premiums really don’t change that much unless there’s a spike in claims being made. I did notice the headlines of an article recently which I didn’t have time to read which mentioned something about companies that are over-charging for no reason, other than they’re choosing to. Shame on them.

Late last night I took the time to read the highlights of Madeline Albright’s life which is worthy of a best seller or even a movie. Over these long years, I can safely say that I always enjoyed listening to her and reading about her accomplishments at the time. She definitely had the strength and stamina to stand up for a righteous cause and not be intimidated. She was quite the lady who’ll be greatly missed.

The above photo is a snapshot I took from one of my “History of Mason City” books which shows a vintage photo of the Greek Orthodox Church which was likely the first one built in our City. It’s showing that it was located at 1403 N. Washington, but if you go on our County’s website, that still standing church has an address of 1401 N. Washington.

The reason I’m posting it, is because another Realtor just listed it yesterday for $49,500 which sounds pretty reasonable considering the size of the building and its parking lot, but when I checked the zoning, I understood why, because it’s in a single family zone which would be problematic for someone wanting to convert it into a business.

Now if you go online and look at the current photos of that church, and then compare it to what I’ve posted, you’ll see how much it’s changed. It was certainly before my time when they built their new church over on S. Pierce, and then sold the old one to another Christian denomination. I think it was my grandmother who told me long ago about the church on 1401 N. Washington once being the original Greek Orthodox Church here in Mason City.

I’ve had several closed churches listed over the years, and believe me, they can be a struggle. When talking to a gentleman about it today, I told him that anyone wanting to use it for anything other than a church or residence, there’ll be some hoops to jump thru with our City’s Planning and Zoning Department. Sometimes I think they get a bit too myopic over such small potatoes while losing sight of the big picture. Aren’t we supposed to be encouraging, in each and every way, the growth of commerce in our City?

Tonight’s One-liner is: The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.

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