They Got Their Noses Bloodied

This near gale-force wind was an unexpected arrival which again kept me from shedding my winter coat for the season. It looks like we’re going to have a few more days of what I believe are well below normal temperatures. I happened to read yesterday where the scientists studying the arctic regions have recently recorded some exceptionally high temperatures on both polar caps which has sent them into a panic because they’ve already discovered those areas are heating up faster than the rest of the world. So if those rising temps continue, you can be certain the sea levels will rise, and our entire world will be in a heap of hurt. Just take a moment or two to think about all the major cities we have oceanside.

My morning was a bit topsy-turvy with having to address some issues that surfaced on several of my sales, and one of them had to do with a very late appraisal which should’ve been done weeks ago. The lack of follow-thru with some, is quite remarkable.

I had a nice long chat with a good friend of mine this morning, and after my asking if she’d seen the photo I posted of the old Greek Orthodox Church on N. Washington, she proceeded to tell me there was an older gentleman who was likely that church’s groundskeeper who even though their one was built and that one sold, would continue to take care of the flowers over at that old church until he likely couldn’t take care of them any longer. Now that’s what I call dedication. Those flowers must’ve been part of his life for many years and didn’t want to see anything happen to them. I truly get it.

Another issue I’m dealing with, was the discovery of a potential problem with a furnace, so it’s the back and forth now with the seller and buyer. I’ve always found it interesting whenever a seller starts negotiating over something that’s been confirmed wrong. Oh well, there are always those who get their jollies out of dickering. Believe me, that’s not something I enjoy in the least bit, because I’ve always felt that if something’s wrong with what I’m selling, I get it fixed, and on the flip-side, if I feel something is worth what they’re asking, I’ll pay the price and move on. One of my client/customers always has the mindset of either winning or losing when negotiating which I find almost laughable at times.

I had to do a little shopping at Walgreens today, and when I went to get checked out, there was a long line of people waiting and only one cashier, and to make matters worse, the customer she was assisting, needed a price check on what she was buying. There I stood endlessly waiting for another clerk to come and get that item and check on its price. I was about two minutes away from taking those items I wanted to buy, placing them back on the shelves and walking out. I’m not kidding when saying I think we need to have those 100K Ukrainians who’re allowed to come to the United States, being re-located in Iowa, because we definitely have a huge problem with job vacancies. I’m sure all of you have seen for many months the “Help Wanted” signs all over our City.

Now that we’re nearing the end of the month, I’m getting pounded with calls from prospective tenants looking for homes or apartments to rent. There were two different ones who stopped by my office today, and when I told them we had nothing for rent, I got a questioning look which almost made me believe they thought I was lying. There’s no question in my mind, there are some landlords out there who’re definitely gouging tenants by charging them premium prices for their rat traps.

I had a late afternoon showing on a home which has possibilities, but not sure if it’s gonna be the “right fit” for them. For sure the lower price range of homes for sale in this City is near non-existent. I continue to assure my buyers that there’ll be something coming on the market, and especially now that I know what they’re looking for. More than once while out driving today, I had to hold onto my car door when getting out because if I hadn’t, I was afraid today’s wind was going to rip it off.

As much as I wanted to get some outdoor work done this weekend, it’s looking like I’ll be confined indoors, so I’ll have to decide on what’s the most pressing thing to do before morning arrives. With the free time I’ve had this week, I did manage to get my storage area cleaned up and better arranged which I’m already liking very much. I did find some things I’ll be re-gifting which I’ll be delivering once our weather straightens out.

When looking at BBC News this afternoon, I discovered Russia has announced that the first phase of Putin’s so-called “military campaign” is over, and now they’ll be moving into eastern Ukraine to assist those two break-away regions in the Donbas where those pro-Russian fiefdoms are located. Well, well, well, they couldn’t possibly admit they got their noses bloodied by the Ukrainian resistance because we all know they wanted to dismantle the entire Ukrainian government by force and set up their own puppet regime. I’m not so sure the Ukrainian military is now going to allow Russia to hold onto Crimea and those two break-away regions without a fight. We’ll see.

Because I’ve been so curious about the general mood in Belarus, I found an English language website which is being published by a group who’re against Lukashenko’s regime. If what I read is true, the bulk of their population is totally against having any sort of involvement with Putin’s war. One of the commentators mentioned that if Lukashenko did give the nod to help Putin, their entire population would be rising up against him, and likely his armed forces along with them. He’s definitely placed himself on a high tight-rope of his own doing, so we’ll see if he’s able to maneuver across it, or end up falling. I think it’s also high-time he’s given a one-way ticket to the end of the earth. All my life, I’ve despised dictators in every form.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s difficult to free fools from the chains they idolize.

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