He Has Asperger Syndrome

I’m sure many of you were staying close to home considering how cold, damp and dreary it was outside today. When I glanced outdoors this afternoon, for a brief period there were snowflakes falling. Thank goodness it was short-lived because I’m definitely not in the mood to be shoveling snow again.

I spent part of my morning preparing a closing statement and gathering documents for a closing that’s supposed to be taking place next week. After getting everything the banker needed, I scanned and emailed the package to him. I did have a question in that email which went un-answered, which meant he was either too busy, or possibly out of his office again. If that doesn’t close on time, it’ll all be on the bank and/or the buyers because as of today, they have everything they need from me.

After visiting with the owners of 1125 W. State, they decided to do a price reduction on it, so after tomorrow, it’ll be priced lower which should spur additional interest in it. I’ve continued to assure them that the right buyer has yet to arrive on the scene. I’ll have to share with them a new listing that came on the market just yesterday which already has a “pending sale” on it, which is a close match-up to 1125 W. State, with the exception that my listing has a three-car garage versus only a two-car on the one that just sold.

As much as I’ve tried to get an offer to come together on my listing at 201 S. Vermont, I’d say it’s pretty much dead after visiting with my sellers today. I fully understand where they’re coming from, but unfortunately most buyers don’t care how new the big ticket items are on a home, because that’s all they care about is if it’s move-in ready with all the lipsticking that’s currently being done by those savvy sellers who’ve done their research on what it takes to get top dollar from their homes.

Much to my disbelief, I discovered there was a very recent private sale of a home out in Pebble Creek which sold from just under a million bucks and the buyers weren’t doctors. If I’m not mistaken, that particular sale just broke the record for the sale of a stand-alone single family home in Mason City. Now don’t get me wrong because I love Mason City in spite of the many current issues it’s having, but there’s absolutely no way I’d pay shy of a million for a residence within our City limits. Looks like the buyer feeding-frenzies has now migrated here from Clear Lake.

I’m still hoping the sellers I visited with yesterday decide to have me list their home because after seeing these most recent sales, there’s no question it’ll sell quickly. I’m still having flash-backs of how near perfect that home is, and you can bet I complimented them more than once regarding it while I was there.

I was doing a little cleaning up of dead leaves from my jade plants which are in the front window of my office. Each year around this time, they start shedding, and if only they’d do it all at once would be fine, but it takes about a month for all of them to drop off. I still can’t believe how large they’ve grown since I move the “babies” from the front window of our old office eleven years ago. My how time flies.

Those two plumerias I have growing up front are starting to send out new shoots again, and if they don’t bloom this year, I’m gonna have to give them to someone who has a regular greenhouse because I don’t think they like being in that drafty area during the winter months. I know the person who sent them to me had the best of intentions, and when told they were on their way, I did some research on plumerias and came to the conclusion they’d likely not bloom as promised. They’ve lived thru two winters, so this’ll be their third growing season. Oh well, that’s what you get when most people living in warmer climates not taking into account we have very long and cold winters here in the upper reaches of Iowa.

I don’t know if you remember me speaking about the avocado tree I started from seed over twenty years ago, and after it having out-grown several pots, I finally decided it was time to get gifted to a “green thumb” I know who lives in a more tropical climate. I got a note several weeks ago saying it’ll likely be flowering soon, so I’d better be ready for a package of fresh avocados being sent to me once they’ve ripened. Actually, the only request out of that gift was to have one of its avocados sent to me. It’ll be a fun happening if it does bear this year.

Remember last night when I spoke about Belarus possibly not helping Putin with his war with Ukraine? Well, I just read today where some angry residents of Belarus who live near the border of Ukraine, have started tearing up railroad tracks leading to Ukraine’s border. I then read something else about how nearly all the citizens of Belarus are very angry over Putin’s invasion, along with the killing of innocent civilians. They’re likely thinking if Putin takes Ukraine, their Country will be the next as he attempts to restore the old Soviet Union.

After doing some deep internet digging today, I finally found the information I was looking for regarding a disease many researchers believed Putin has which was published in a 2008 Pentagon report, and that being a consensus he has Asperger Syndrome. From the way he favors the right side of his body, the feeling of being a victim, to the way in which he overly-indulges himself with numbers, I’d say he’s got the disease, along with other physical and mental problems he’s trying to camouflage. And to think he’s got full authority to do anything he wants with those millions of Russians and nobody has the ability thus far to stop him. I still think he’s a clone of Stalin because Stalin was also extremely paranoid, and for very good reasons.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Considering how stout many have become of late, our daily reminders should be that we must eat to live, rather than living to eat.

Joe Chodur

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