Churches Consider Themselves One-Way Streets

It was a delight to see so many people out and about today, and likely due to how pleasant it was with the temps higher and the wind being not much more than a whisper.  I did manage to get a good three hours of outdoor work completed this morning before I had to head back to office and ready myself for the two showings I had.

Because it was still cold out earlier this morning, I decided to take a nice drive in the countryside, which supplied me with some really good vibes. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera along, and of course there were some really good missed shots of a buck deer chasing a doe, an eagle overhead and some spooky-cool ground fog. That unusual ground fog was the one I kick myself the most for missing. Oh well, I’ll be sure to remember my camera the next time I have an itch to go wandering in North Iowa.

My first appointment which was over at Prairie Place went very well with the third peek at a unit the buyers had already purchased, and the only reason for today’s viewing, was for them to show their visiting daughter and family who live far away. There’s no question in my mind they’ll be a welcome addition to that community, and since they already know a number of the residents, I’m sure it’ll be an easy transition.

Just as I was walking back to my vehicle, I looked at the time, and wouldn’t you know, I had less than ten minutes to get to my next appointment which happened to be in close proximity. When I turned the corner where that house was, I could see the customer walking up to the house which was perfect timing for the both of us.

The more he looked, the more he liked what he was seeing, and since I attempt to keep customers engaged with conversation, I did find out he’s going thru a divorce and in need of something more sooner than later. Not because I was questioning, he freely spoke about how quickly their relationship had gone sideways. All I could say was, “A very long time ago I stopped telling people going thru a divorce how sorry I was to hear about their split-ups because over these long years I’ve seen couples remain married for the wrong reasons which ends up being sorry relationships for a very many years.” He fully agreed which told me that he’s ready to move forward with his life. I did mention the fact that over the years I’ve heard a wife or husband telling me their divorce will be the end of it, and then weeks later informing me they’re back together. Today’s gentleman insisted it’s definitely over, so we’ll see what next week brings for him. He seemed like a nice chap and definitely up-beat.

When I arrived back at office, I had several phone calls to make, as well as an email to send to a closing attorney regarding how a buyer wants a concession made by the sellers, handled the day we close. The buyer thought it was going to be a big deal, but in my eyes it won’t.

I happened to hear today where a large church in our community is having problems getting their paying members to return to their Services. I was a bit shocked when hearing their Sunday head-count has dropped by 40%. The first thing I wondered about, was if their pastoral team did any reaching out to their members while we were at the height of the pandemic which was before a vaccine was created. I’d wager a tidy sum they didn’t because if they did, I would’ve heard about it. That news was one more example of how some churches consider themselves one-way streets to where it’s all about the ministers and their inner circles, but to heck with their regular tithing members.

It sort of reminds me of the way our City Governments are now being run to where they only care about the bloated salaries they’re knocking down, as well as following the agendas of a select few. Whatever happened to “by the people and for the people”? Just today I heard from another tax-paying home owner in our City who’d become exceptionally angry after hearing our City handed over $1.1 million dollars to that developer from the Twin Cities who still has nothing to show for it. Yes, I believe that whole smoke and mirrors deal was stinking from the very beginning.

My new listing at 683 – 16th St. SE is getting some action already to where it was shown once today and again tomorrow by another Realtor. It would be great to have it under contract right away because that would mean the new owners would be moved in before Christmas, and since there’s not much to be done on the exterior, the’d have all winter to freshen-up its interior. It would be nice if I could get it under contract myself, but I don’t have any buyers in that price range right now. There’s always another day.

I opened up one of my recently canned jars of Kosher dill pickles, and very happy with the taste and texture of them. The only thing I’ll be doing differently next year, is my planting a nice patch of dill so I can add fresh dill weed to those jars instead of what I had to buy already dried. Truth be told, I believe they tasted even better than what I’ve been buying in the store, and likely because those in the groceterias have preservatives in them which likely affects their taste in a bad way.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent tidying up my office and cleaning up the courtyard behind my building. As much as I wanted to get a sidewalk poured back there, I couldn’t seem to find a reputable concrete contractor who wasn’t booked into next year, or one available who was willing to charge me a fair price. The last bid I got on it just about had me rolling on the floor with laughter because of how high it was. If only some of those naughty monkeys knew that I’ve done a great deal of concrete pouring in my younger years, and it’s not that hard, and especially when they have concrete trucks delivering it instead of mixing it on site. My how times have changed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Good manners sometimes means simply putting up with other people’s bad manners.

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