A Good Chewing of the Fat

It’s going to take some getting used to with this “falling back” of time, and what’s the most annoying about it, is forcing myself to stay in bed later and awake longer. Having awakened an hour earlier, I was up and out sooner than I should’ve been, but I just didn’t want that hour wasted.

Upon arrival at office, my first duty was to head off to my familiar darkened corner and get my Sunday contemplative prayer exercise completed. I wasn’t a bit surprised when finding it was taking me longer to settle myself down enough to get started. I’m sure it was because I was there an hour earlier. I did manage to “get there” and finished it up with no other problems.

With more than enough time to kill before heading over to St. Paul Lutheran, I got myself caught up on BBC’s online news, and from there I skated around on KIMT’s and then the Globe Gazette’s. I really wish KIMT would find something more interesting than the posting of all the mug shots of people who’ve been arrested in North Iowa. I may sound wicked when saying, “Looking at them doesn’t create a pleasant atmosphere while preparing oneself for another day of work.”

Starting today, St. Paul Lutheran’s Services were set to begin a half hour later, and mostly because of this time change. I’m sure once daylight savings time returns, they’ll be back at their regular time.

I did get there early enough to run thru all their music on the now re-tuned vintage organ. The technicians were there this past week, and the list of things I suggested be done, were somehow dismissed. One of the people in charge came up to me and asked if my list of concerns were taken care of, and of course I had to say there was not much else done other than the tuning of the old girl. She did sound better, but I’m still a little annoyed they didn’t replace the felts on the pedal board because I’m sure they’re worn off which causes them to make more noise after being released.

There must’ve been an angel watching over me this morning because for not having played their organ for an entire Service for a number of months, it came off sounding better than I ever would’ve expected, and confirmed afterwards when being complimented by a number of their members while I was downstairs having a half cup of coffee with them.

I was happy to see several new faces today which gave me added hope there’ll be more in attendance. They don’t realize that the more I hear them singing, the easier it is for me to play for them. I did mention it to several of the ladies which had them a little shocked when being told I could hear them all the way upstairs. Yes, tall cathedral ceilings do carry sound well.

Before I headed back to office, I set off to grab a quick bite to eat, and while driving down one of our streets, I happened to notice a face out of my past who was busy working on someone’s house. Wicked me did a u-turn and pulled up to the curb and called after him. When he walked over to my car, the first thing I had to say was, “Are you moonlighting or did you buy another house?” Of course he was moonlighting so I had to then insist, “Don’t you think you have enough by now?” After I said it, that little voice in my head whispered, “Enough is enough.”

We did have a good chewing of the fat over the way some of our area churches are heavy into proselytizing which I find exceptionally annoying and sometimes embarrassing because whenever being confronted by a client or customer who “thinks” it’s OK to do it, I have take a very diplomatic stance, and if they continue, I then become a bit acid-tongued.

The reason I really don’t like this “forced herding” they do, is because a true calling for a person to join another church/religion, should only come from within. I often wonder how many people who’re going to those churches on a regular basis, truly feel their faith is growing, along with becoming over-all better people. I personally know several name-less few who’re church angels, but societal devils. They can go thru all the motions, yet all I see is a visual with absolutely no depth. What really got my old friend was when I voiced one of my grandmother’s sayings which went, “They don’t drink and they don’t smoke, but if you throw their pants to the ceiling, they’d stick there.” Ouch. That was my queue he’d had enough and bit his farewell. Gee, I hope my teasing didn’t anger him to the point he’ll not want to speak to me again. I hope not because I’ve known him and his wife a great number of years. I’ll never forget the time a buyer of one of their homes tried to go after them for damages because of the way in which she attempted to unplug the electric stove in its kitchen. Nothing came of it because I’m sure that buyer didn’t realize you must be careful when unplugging a 220 volt electric appliance.

The remainder of my day was spent working outdoors at one of my projects, and luckily I got everything I wanted done before I had to head back to office to meet with a customer before the hour of five.

By the time I finished up with him, I could tell I’d had a long day because the yawns were starting as our sun was setting. Yes, this time change is going to take some getting used to.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When you have nothing important or interesting to say, don’t let anyone persuade you to say it.

Joe Chodur

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