So Cleverly Manage to Cloak

Oh it was a bit chilly again this morning, and if it be my choice to control our temperature settings, I’d have it warmer in the morning and cooler in the afternoon. It’s been a surprise to find the temps still up in the 80’s when the weather forecasters have been saying it was supposed to be in the 70’s. Oh well, we just have to accept what we get and live with it.

I arrived at office a little earlier, just so I could get my Sunday morning spiritual exercise done without being rushed since I had some practicing to do over at St. Paul Lutheran before their Services started. It was a good quiet contemplative time spent, and when I finished up, I felt not only washed from all the temporal gunk that had attached to me this past week, but also feeling much lighter and refreshed.

Since I had about 15 minutes to kill before heading over to St. Paul, I picked up the phone and called a dear friend of mine, just to have a good chat since I’d not spoken to him for over a week. Our mutual gripes were centered around all the paintings of buildings with all those Prairie School/Frank Lloyd Wright geometric patterns were now seeing nearly everywhere in the Downtown. I insisted that Mason City at one time, and long before they started tearing buildings down, was considered a center of architectural diversity, instead of it now being centered around the Park Inn’s style.

He shared a sad story about a friend of his having some serious health issues, and most of them being self-imposed due to many years of heavy giggle water consumption. From what he was saying, it sounded like his friend won’t be long for this earth. I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts regarding such people who’ve been strapped to their addictions for decades, and no matter what’s said or done for them, they’ll continue on such paths which sometimes seem to be pre-ordained from the time they came down their chutes. Yes, they all have their reasons, but in the end, it’s all of their own doing, instead of the many others they blame for their frames of mind.

I believe I made him feel a little better when sharing a few stories about people I know who’ve blamed all their woes on happenings in the past which they insist brought them to their current state. I’m sorry, but there’s no sympathies from my side of the tracks because I didn’t hold a gun to their heads and say, “You have to do this or else!” Yes, that was a good call this morning which actually helped remind us both that the free-will actions of others, belongs to them, and definitely not to us.

Most around these parts don’t talk much about the opioid problem our entire Country has, but it’s very much here, and growing like a mushroom. I’ve actually come to the point where I can recognize it if I’m around someone for an extended period of time. The very sad part about it, is how many of our elderly have a big problem with it which they so cleverly manage to cloak. I may sound a bit sexist, but I’m of the belief it’s happening more with the older women than men. If you ever have time to watch any of the documentaries on it, you’ll likely first be shocked, and then brought to tears. Yes, it’s that bad.

The music at St. Paul went quite well today, and when looking down and counting the people in attendance, I was delighted to see nearly double the crowd they normally have. Not only could I hear the pastor singing, but also the congregation. I was touched when hearing the pastor thanking me from the pulpit for helping them with their music. That was an unexpected surprise, because over all the years I played at another church, I was never personally thanked, and especially in such a fashion.

You likely remember me mentioning my having to play six music pieces for a church, but truth be told, it was at another church in our City, and today was my first experience under the roof of yet another denomination. When asked to play for them last week on a regular basis, I made no promises by telling them it would be on a trial only, because I didn’t want to find myself overly stressed out and/or overloaded.

Believe it or not, it went far better than I’d expected, and likely because they had a strong male voice as their leader of song. The two pieces which were very fast and syncopated, were played with mostly accompanying chords on their organ which went far better than I’d expected. I had to hold my tongue with him when finding he was singing too fast, which has become a norm for our younger crowd.

While walking out, two of their members came up to me saying how much they’ve missed having someone play their grand pipe organ. According to one of them, it had not been played in over a year. I reminded the leader of song, the need for a few minor repairs to be done on it, along with a good maintenance check-up which it’s likely not had in years. While walking out, I quietly thanked the powers that be, for giving me the strength to make it thru their Service without any major flub-ups.

Most of my afternoon was spent outdoors with more yard work and putzing. I did have to stay in the shade as much as possible due to the heat of the sun. I wasn’t at it very long because I had an afternoon appointment to show homes to a family I’ve worked with over these years.

As chance would have it, both of them were my listings, and the last one was over at 207 N. Hampshire which I believe would be a very good fit for the buyer. She’s young and wanting to decorate a home as she wants, and not what someone else has already done, just to get all the more bucks for it. Yes, I believe she’s the perfect fit.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A chronic liar will not be believed, even if she speaks the truth.

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