After Billions of Dollars Spent

Once again, it was back up in the 80’s again today, and from what I was seeing online this morning, it looks like we may possibly have some rain towards the end of this week.  Some of the field corn I was looking at yesterday, had drooping ears which I thought a bit odd, and likely due to lack of moisture. One positive thing about having this heavy morning dew, is that most plants are able to absorb it in their leaves, so at least they’re getting enough to keep them green.

It was somewhat of a quiet day in real estate, so I figured it best to get some more errands run and over-due personal phone calls made. I still can’t believe how fast this summer has been flying by, and before we know it, September will be at our doorstep.

When looking at the news today, I was shocked, yet not surprised how quickly the Taliban and taken complete control of Afghanistan. It’s just another reminder how quickly promises are broken. I knew this was going to happen when reading last year our past President Trump had come to a so-called “peaceful” agreement with the Taliban.

That whole Middle East is nothing more that a powder keg that’s waiting to explode into a world war. I’ve reminded people for many years that there’ve been wars fought in those countries for thousands of years, and if we in modern times think we can change their cultures overnight, we’re sadly mistaken.

You can bet China will be at their doorstep with their own hidden agendas by their willingness to “help” with one hand, while with the other, freely exploiting their natural resources. Don’t be surprised if they’ll be offering a better technology to grow even more poppies so they can dump more opioids on our world markets. If the Taliban does climb in bed with the Chinese, then it will be a confirmation there’s no true religious fibre in the bones of the Taliban because they know what the Chinese have been doing with the Uyghurs in their own country. As far as I’m concerned, the way they’re treating those people, is nothing less than a systematic genocide.

While on the phone with one of my colleagues today and talking about 9/11, I distinctly remembered where I was and what I was doing when they crashed into the Twin Towers in New York. Yes, it was orchestrated by one of those radical leaders, and today they’re back in control of Afghanistan. After billions of dollars spent and countless lives lost, we’re back to where we were in the beginning. Just thinking about it, makes a person want to go out and spit three times.

My battle with ants has turned into an all-out war with those nasty creatures, so I decided to go back to the old tried and true ways that’ve been long forgotten. My first hours of searching, was spent going from drug store to drug store, in search of Boric Acid. I made my way across town until I’d nearly given up until I suddenly remembered Houck Drug, and since they now have that intersection open, I drove over there, and wouldn’t you know it, that faithful little drug store had a bottle of it which I purchased.

I couldn’t help telling the pharmacist the idiotic reasons those other drug stores had given me as to why they didn’t carry it. I had to announce my battle with ants which piqued her interest because she only knew that it was a good cockroach killer which her parents used when they were located next to a movie theatre in our Downtown.

She asked what my recipe was for the ants, so I gave it to her and now sharing it with you. You take a 3/4 teaspoon of the Boric Acid powder and a cup of either, peanut butter, honey, bacon grease or any other type of syrup with sugar in it, and stir it until the Boric Acid is fully mixed, and then place it in little pans or cups where the ants can reach it, and in three or more days, you’ll be rid of them. After having gone thru three bottles of ant killer, it was time to go back to the past to get them eradicated.

I’ve recently heard others complaining about ants, and one woman even mentioned she’d found them in her dirty laundry basket. I’m sure this drought has had something to do with it, but irregardless, I’m no longer in the mood to have them pestering me. I’ll have to keep you all posted as to the outcome of my peanut butter and boric acid mixture on those large colonies of ants. Let’s hope they’re having a big party tonight at those little plates I’d personally laid out for them.

From what I’ve been hearing of late, it’s sounding like there are more investors out there who’re buying rental properties, and it’s all about return on investment with them, so we’ll see how well those conversions hold up while they’re trying to keep them all occupied and maintained.

Over a decade ago, I was semi-involved in the management of over 230 units, and I can safely say, I’ve heard just about every story to be told about naughty monkey tenants. There were times I warned against renting to various individuals, but my words fell on deaf ears, and wouldn’t you know, not two or three months later, there were formal evictions started. What would really get me, was seeing the most expensive cell phones being held by tenants standing at the counter at our office, trying to convince the manager they had other bills to pay first. Really? Whatever happened to, “Make sure you have something to eat and roof over you head before you even think of spending your money on something else.”

Tonight’s One-liner is: Toxic individuals are similar to herpes to where just when you think they’re finally out of your life for good, they’ve re-appeared.

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