Prince of a Chestnut Stallion

When finding it below fifty degrees outdoors early this morning, was definitely an indication our days of summer will soon be coming to a close. As much as I wanted to get some personal things done these warm months, I found myself playing catch-up from the toxic year I had this past, and for whatever reason it happened, it’s now thankfully gone. I’ve been cranking away at my little projects, but not to the point where I wanted to be, so there’ll be a continued trudging along until the cold weather arrives and back indoors I’ll be, with other things to keep me busy. Just today a newly retired gentleman said, “I’ll like being retired as long as I don’t find myself heavy with too much free time on my hands.”

With no morning appointments, I changed my clothes at office and busied myself with yard clean-up and mowing. I’ve never hated mowing, but after enough months of doing it, a person just wants to say, “OK, I think I’ve done enough of it this year.” As long as I stayed in the shade, the time spent alone was pleasant to where it offered me several hours to get some more deep thinking done which is one reason why people should stop being spectators of the medias they’re plugged into their entire waking hours. How little do they know the amount of eroding that’s happening to the creativity that’d been given them at birth.

After getting a full morning of it accomplished, I headed back to office and returned some calls and emails that came in while I was out. Not long after I was there, I received a call from some buyers I’ve been working with who were wanting to look at two properties later this afternoon. Fortunately I was able to get them scheduled, so they could see both of them in one outing.

With about 45 minutes to kill before I was to meet them, I sat down at my office piano and ran thru the music I’m to play for a congregation tomorrow I’m still struggling with one of those six, but I think it’ll be acceptable enough to where they can sing along. That hymn is to be played faster than most, but the problem I’m having, it’s in a minor key, as well being syncopated. If I had more experience playing syncopated hymns, it wouldn’t be so bad, but my years of playing traditional church music, leaves me lacking.

After I finished, it was just the time I was to meet my buyers at my new listing at 213 – 13th St. NE, so off I drove in its direction. When I arrived there, I made sure to have all the lights on and doors unlocked. Shortly thereafter, the showed up and had a good long look. I’m not so sure it’s to their liking because they’re looking for more square-footage, but at least it was a good comparison to what they’ve been looking at.

The second home I showed them, didn’t even come close to what they’re wanting, but at least I was able to see a home I sold to a young couple a very many years ago. There’ve been major changes done to it, but I’m almost certain it’s the same home. My how prices have changed because if I’m not mistaken, I think they paid only around eight or ten thousand for it back then. It was a good starter for those newlyweds, because they’re now living in homes approaching $300K. For whatever reason, they ended up getting a divorce after all their children were out of the house and on their own. Yes, divorce happens even to the ones you would’ve thought would stay together until death.

On my way home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few items, and while there, I just happened to notice someone out of my past who ran me ragged when looking at homes and acreages with his second wife. Unfortunately, they dropped me like a hot potato when finding they weren’t able to purchase an acreage I’d written an offer on for them. No matter how much I tried to explain that it was the listing agent’s fault for not telling me there was another offer on it which was accepted by the sellers. Knowing the wife never really cared for me, and likely because I’d done work for her husband and ex-wife, and I believe that unfortunate situation, gave her cause to switch. Well, they got more than they bargained for with the purchase of their “dream” home thru another agent. It’s unfortunate whenever seeing such faces like today’s, because that old newsreel starts running in my mind once again. I continue wishing them the best, but nevermore want to see them darkening my door, because what they did to me, was totally un-called for. Oh well, it’s all on them.

While standing in line at the checkout, I had a nice visit with a gentleman who raises a few horses. Every time I get on the subject of horses with a person who owns one or two, I find myself telling stories about the ones I had in my youth. I couldn’t help recalling the day I came home from working for one of the area farmers, and having found two of my sisters had cut the flowing blonde mane and tail from my prize prince of a chestnut stallion. When I looked at what they’d done, I was in near shock to where I was speechless. The guy with the horses then said, “Wow, he must’ve been a beauty with a chestnut body and such a long mane and tail.” He also went on to say it takes a long time for horses to grow manes that long. To this day, I’ll never understand why they did that. Yes, teenagers can do some of the dumbest of things. Since I passingly know that guy, he gave me an invitation to stop out and take a peek at what he has in his stable. I’ll likely not go because I’m afraid I’ll be wanting one, which in these times, is far too unpractical.

With the sun having dropped to the west, I believe we’re going to have another cool evening because I can now feel a slight breeze. I hope you all have an enjoyable evening and a pleasant day tomorrow. Do wish me luck with my hymn playing tomorrow morning.

Tonight’s One-liner is: They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it’s not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance.

Joe Chodur

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