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It looks like Mother Nature is going to keep these warming days coming thru the end of this month, and yes, we may be getting more snow, but at least there won’t be many inches all at once. A meteorologists mentioned the last toe-hold our wobbling jet stream has on our Nation, is in northeast Iowa, as well as parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota, until it finally returns to Canada after this weekend. Good bye, and good riddance!

We’ve already been getting a great deal of interest in 647 – 9th St. NE these past two days, which comes as no surprise since it’s truly a very nice home, along with nothing on our market in our City which is comparable to it in price range or location.

I stopped at a hardware store this morning and picked up several 4-packs of lightbulbs, and then went over to my listing at 114 – 11th St. NE and changed-out a number of burned-out lightbulbs, along with washing their glass fixture shades before putting them back in place. Wow! What a difference those new bulbs made. When visiting with the seller, we decided to have another public open house on it tomorrow afternoon, just so to keep it in the eye of our buying public. Due to rising expenses on it, we had to raise the asking price back up to $84,500, just to make sure we’d be able to get them all discharged. I’m still not worried about it, as it appears our over-all market prices are preparing to make another jump up. Wish me the best of luck tomorrow afternoon.

This morning I received another call from a Realtor wanting to show 1707 S. Federal this coming Monday afternoon. That’ll be two showings in less than a week. Perhaps some of these investors are finally realizing that it’s one heck of a buy. We’ve got it at $49.500 now, and to think the assessed value on it is almost $140K. Finding something nearly $100K below assessed is highly unusual. Please put the word out because that bar/restaurant is definitely going to get sold. I’m near-certain the person who’ll end up buying it, will be in possession of a “think-out-of-the-box” mind, and will soon have a highly successful business that’ll be causing everyone to later say, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” Yes, we still have some forward-thinking minds in our midst.

While driving out on the west-side this afternoon, I ended up behind a pickup truck, and noticed the driver was carrying on a conversation with his cell-phone in one hand, and picking his nose with the other. Isn’t if funny how some drivers believe themselves invisible? I could go on for hours regarding things I’ve seen people doing while driving. I’m glad he finally turned off because he was beginning annoy me with his “invisible” nonsense. Now if you should ever see a black newish Chevrolet Silverado pickup with a ginger-haired young man sporting dark shades and baseball cap, holding his phone in one hand, and gratuitously picking his nose with the other, and all the while, knee-steering his hunk of junk. Yup, that’ll be him.

Between appointments, I took time to get caught up on our National news, so OK now, please don’t consider me a sexist because I’m not, but have you noticed how many State and National women politicians are wearing cardinal red outfits? I have no idea what that’s all about, because back in my day, red was considered a color worn by women who wanted to be noticed in only evocative ways. Of course I’ve also viewed some of their male counterparts wearing cardinal red neckties which I’ve never in my life neither owned nor worn. While writing this, I’m wondering if it’s some sort of branding with the Republican Party to where they’re encouraging each other to wear cardinal red. If that’s the case, then I’d say once again, “We ain’t in Kansas anymore.” I don’t know about you, but I just don’t think such a color is befitting for those high Govt. offices.

From the mouth of a centrist, I’m growing all the more disappointed with these un-dead conspiracies regarding “The Steal”. Really? Now how is it that people can be so brainwashed by such nonsense that even if they’re hit over the head with real facts, they continue to believe the election was stolen? But what gets my goat even more, is how people the likes of Josh Hawley believing they did absolutely nothing wrong when they encouraged the storming of our Capitol, and at the end of the day, they’re now victims. Such attention-getting posturings intentionally being done to keep themselves “looked at”, is nothing less than shameful as far as I’m concerned. I’m ever-thankful, I’m not staring at their dashboards of life. Yes, I’m moving more in the direction of admiring only those great minds who’ve chosen to remain obscure, and likely for good reasons.

While visiting with one of my office visitors today, I had chills running down my spine enough times, and for good reason because she was honestly sharing some ghostly tales of happenings in her home shortly after she purchased it. Because I’ve known her well enough, there was no reason for me to believe her experiences were fabricated.

The main thing that happened, was one night while seated in her living room, she began seeing a ghostly figure walking across her dining room and then disappearing thru a window, but the real kicker, was seeing it happen four or more times that night. At first she thought it was a reflection from a car’s headlights, but soon discovered it wasn’t.

She’d finally dozed off, but for some reason, she was awakened and when turning her head towards the dining room, there was that woman standing right in front of her and asking, “Why are you in my house?” Because she wasn’t completely awake, she calmly said, “I recently bought this house, and it’s mine now house.” At that moment, the figure disappeared. After doing some research, she found out that the previous owner’s wife was nearly dead before they rushed her to the hospital where she passed. I’ll continue tomorrow with her confirmation today of something I’d suspected in another house.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A resolution to avoid an evil is seldom framed till the evil is so far advanced, as to make its avoidance impossible.

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