Lingering Brain Fog

It was a bit of a nippy five below zero this morning, and didn’t seem to want to warm up until after noontime arrived, and in spite of not having all that much to do this morning, the time seemed to fly by to where I was having to cut a phone conversation short for fear I’d be late getting to my public open house.

I did have to run down to 1707 S. Federal to open it up for a Realtor who was showing it mid-morning, and in spite of it being cold within, I was hoping it would still show well, considering how much sun was shining within. Irregardless of it’s present state, whomever does end up buying it, is going to have a very good long-term investment.

Another idea I had, was for someone to do something on the line of what that woman’s doing with the old Reiman Music building in the mall plaza she purchased. I’m not being negative when saying it, but I believe the business she’s planning on getting on plaza, wouldn’t even be in the same solar system of what amount she’d have if she’d purchased 1707 S. Federal, as the drive-by location and available parking is far more realistic for continued growth. Oh well, I wish her the best, but I’d say anyone with similar plans in our City, should really take a closer look at what that has to offer.

I had only two couples show up at my open house at 114 – 11th St. NE, but at least both of them seemed more than passingly interested. Just yesterday I walked a very discriminative contractor thru it, just so I’d have a dis-interested party’s take on it, and his opinion of it was even better than my own. I’m glad to know I still have an eye for design and appeal, as well as quality of construction. Ten gallons of paint on all those sponge-painted walls and ceilings would make one huge difference with its presentation. The first room I’d be painting, would be that disgusting red one on its third floor. With the exception of barns, as far as I’m concerned, a little bit of red goes a very long way.

After my open house, I headed back to my office to wait for another Realtor to email me an offer on one of my listings. For whatever reason, it didn’t come until over an hour later. I gave it a good looking-over, and then made a quick call to my seller and presented my findings. We had a long chat about options, and before hanging up, we had it all hashed out with the changes being made which I relayed back to the selling agent. I’m going to remain confident it’ll get sold as long as the buyers understand the reasoning behind my seller’s counter-offer.

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few necessities, and while being checked out, I noticed the cashier hadn’t rung up the correct amount I’d given her, which of course she realized, but unfortunately she didn’t count my change back correctly, as she’d managed to short me a dollar. With the change she handed me still in my palm, I politely said, you gave me four dollars instead of five. After apologizing profusely, along with my helping her count it back, I finally got my correct change. I’m sorry to say, all this computerization, is making our general public all the more ignorant to even the basics of counting back change. I’m afraid this growing over-reliance on technology is going to bite us all in our back-sides some day.

Because I couldn’t find an article I’d read online some weeks ago, I was getting pretty frustrated with myself, as there was a comment made in that article by one of Josh Hawley’s college professors which I wanted to make note of. Thank goodness one of my dear friends encouraged me to search Wikipedia, and wouldn’t you know, I did finally find it, so I called her back and thanked her.

The reason I was so taken by that particular article, was it being a classic example of how we “think” we know the real characters of people, but from time to time, there are those who continue to mask their real intentions until opportunities for personal gain arrive, which then reveal their true cores. After re-reading that very article today which was published by “Politico” some weeks ago, I’m also of the belief Mr. Hawley is yet one more narcissist on the stage of our Nation’s political arena. Narcissism is becoming quite prevalent in our times which has me greatly troubled.

Yesterday, a very sad story was told me by a friend who’d received a call from the husband of a woman in her 50’s who’d died by her own hand, and only because she couldn’t get her brain to function as it did prior to contracting the coronavirus. I was nearly draw to tears when hearing how it all happened.

I have no idea why our Country’s medical communities aren’t actively talking about the lingering “brain fog” some can’t seem to shake after recovery from it. I personally know three people who had it many months ago, and still aren’t mentally back to their normal selves. With them, it’s never been any big memory problem, but rather those little things most would dismiss as normal because we all forget things from time to time. But having known those people long enough, I could tell there was something not exactly right, which has yet to change since first noticing it. Now if they were in their 70’s or 80’s, which they’re not, one would pass it off as pre-dementia. Yes, it’s a big concern.

So now, I must carry on with the rest of my story about another “entity” which I mentioned last night. Well, after my visitor finished telling the story about that visible ghost visit, I shared a “feeling” I would have in a certain basement room of a home I had listed some years ago to where I’d purposely walk within every time I’d be there. So I said, “I swear there must’ve been something that’d happened down there because it was as if I could sense an over-lapping of another’s emotions upon my own whenever I’d be in that room.” To my shock, she said, “Didn’t you know that her husband was found dead down there many years ago?” Yes, that was another one of my jaw-dropping spiritual illuminations.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Science is organized knowledge, whereas wisdom is organized life.

Joe Chodur

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