Dark Agendas

If you only knew how much this warming weather has been a blessing for those who’ve been hunkering down these past weeks. Nearly everyone I spoke with today mentioned how much they’ve learned to hate winter all over again, and mostly due to our not having an extended period of such extremes in a number of years. I’m still in disbelief those millions of Texans are still without power. I’m sure there’re going to be some high-ups blamed for it. Until this all started, I didn’t know they had their own State-controlled electric grid which was a surprise. At least Ted Cruz was able take in Mexico.

After checking on the vacant homes, I went back to office and began working at entering my new listing located at 647 – 9th St. NE here in Mason City. What a beautiful home! All I can say, is whomever ends up purchasing it, will immensely enjoy living there because everything’s been done, and all in top-drawer fashions. Of course I’ve always liked the Dutch Colonial design, which is just enough different to make it special.

Two of its many great features, are the size of the master bedroom, and the rear bump out which offers a light-filled den on the main floor, and a cozy office/bedroom on the second. Another positive feature, is the over-sized garage with attic storage which is alway a plus when in need of extra outdoor storage. I’m not looking for it to be on the market very long, as there’s absolutely nothing else to choose from in the $150K -$180K price range in our City. It’s definitely going to be an interesting real estate market this year in North Iowa.

Around mid-afternoon I had to go out and preview a home which a buyer inquired on who happens to be vacationing until the end of this month. I did manage to get the owner to open it up for me so I could give it a good looking-over.

I knew I was going to be in trouble the moment I was nearing its front door. Oh Mercy! When walking thru it, I couldn’t help thinking about some of the scary movies I’d watched over the years to where I was wondering what I’d be encountering around each corner. By the time I was ready to leave, all I could say was, “I’ll let you know if my buyer’s interested after relaying what I saw today.” That was one more overly-neglected home we still have standing in our City. I’m sure it was a good house once upon time, but prolonged tenant and landlord abuse created what it is today. Its only positive feature, are its bones being still good, but there’ll be many thousands being spent to bring it back to life, but why?

When I returned to office, I had several return calls to make to agents wanting to show today’s new listing, and another one wanting to show it tomorrow which came as no surprise. I’m suspecting it will get sold quickly due to our shortage of maintenance-free homes.

I haven’t spoken about 1707 S. Federal lately, so I figured it time to mention it once again since there’ll be another Realtor showing it Saturday morning. That’s another listing which is one steal of a deal. Even if that bar/restaurant wasn’t standing there, the land alone would be well worth it. Unfortunately, this pandemic has put the brakes on people wanting to open or expand upon their existing businesses.

You do know how many noticeably wealthy people made their money don’t you? Well, a great number of them were contrarian investors who recognized opportunities which most would walk away from due to their having rapidly fallen out of favor. As we all know, this pandemic is going to end sooner or later, and when it does, all our businesses will be back at doing what they were doing before, with the exception of more protocols being in place when serving customers.

I still believe that would make a great Sonic drive-thru, and just because of when we’ve reached herd immunity, most will continue doing their “drive-thru” thing, instead of sit-down dining because all the many of us have long-grown accustomed to take-aways. I’m going to be meeting with the seller tomorrow, and likely get another price reduction on it. Any way you look at it, that bar/restaurant is one “yellish” buy.

My shoveling job got side-tracked today, which means I’ll be finishing it up in the morn. I heard we may have snow this weekend, but even if we don’t, I’m not a fan of having un-shoveled sidewalks because it’s too much of an invitation for unwanted nighttime visitors. Oh, I forgot to mention, that home I looked at earlier, had squatters living in it for heaven knows how long before the owner discovered them. Yes, they’re out there watching our comings and goings more than you’d dare imagine.

By invitation, I went out to look at a “FSBO” which was posted for sale the first of the month. It’s a nice home, but it’ll take the right buyer due to its location, size, and price. The owner did say they’d pay a partial real estate fee if I brought them an offer, and if I should find someone, I’ll be darned sure to have them sign a separate agreement, as I was fleeced several years ago by a naughty for sale by owner who re-negotiated the commission once I had my buyer interested. It was a dirty play on her part, but I had no alternative other than swallow hard, get it sold, and then send my great disappointment out into the universe for karma to settle the score. I’ll never understand why some really get their jollies out of taking advantage of others. For some, I believe it’s in their DNA.

After reading today’s news, I’m convinced there are elected politicians in our high government offices who’re using their not so lily-white religious beliefs to further their popularities in our sheepish general public, but in the end, all they’re doing, is fueling their own dark agendas. Just listening to them speak, really creeps me out, which makes me wonder if I have a genetic “ear” for creeps.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Everyone seems so talented nowadays to were I now only consider those worthy of real distinction, the ones who’ve chosen to remain in obscurity.

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