Your Rag is Dragging

Likely to the surprise of us all, today’s weather was similar to a late summer’s day which couldn’t have been more delightful. Let’s hope they keep coming because days like this are near perfect because all those nasty biting bugs have been killed off by the hard frosts we had earlier, so if you’re an outdoorsy sort of person, I’d say these will be most to your liking.

A long over-due closing is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning, and yours truly was racing to get all the last minute arrangements made before it closes. Yes, it’s been well over two weeks past its deadline which created some frustrations with both buyers and sellers. Thank goodness they remained level-headed after realizing there was absolutely nothing I could do to make it move any faster.

While on the phone with a banker this afternoon who’s been in the lending industry for over 35 years, he’s also in agreement that we’re heading for a brick wall or a rapid slow-down in our real estate market because in our area, such frenzied buying is absolutely not sustainable due to there being little or no economic growth, and truth be told, I’m of the belief we’re well into negative territory. If additional jobs aren’t created, there’s no incentive for people to move to North Iowa other than the possibility of our City turning itself into a mecca for senior living.

Hopefully after today, those vile “bot” text messages will stop which I’ve grown to despise. The most recent ones were “below the belt” messages from one of our State candidates which I considered completely lacking in decorum. After listening to the personal attacks in this general election, it confirmed for me once again, I would never run for public office due to the way in which politicians attack each other. Far too many of them focus more on digging up questionable “facts”, rather than being attentive to current issues. There’s far more “dirty talk” going on in these times than I would’ve considered thinkable a generation ago, and as far as I’m concerned, it has to stop.

I’m very much concerned over these recent killings in France and now Austria which makes absolutely no sense to me. Late this afternoon I heard that Great Britain is on alert for possible attacks. The license those radicals give themselves for killing innocent people is beyond my understanding. Whatever happened to “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.”? Irregardless of whatever laws have been written by humans, killing innocent people, is not from my God’s book of instruction.

I’ve always found it very curious how some consider themselves righteous when knowingly and willingly hurting others who refuse to drink the Kool-Aide they’re drinking. It’s been written more than once that more humans have lost their lives due to religious indifferences than there’ve been killed in all recorded wars. Now if that’s not something to think about, I don’t know what is.

Speaking of religion, I received a call from one of the council members of St. Paul Lutheran and asking if I’d again be willing to play their organ and piano for them. I didn’t even have to hesitate saying “yes” because they really are a great group of people who’re more than deserving to listen to my attempts at providing good liturgical music. I did say I’d have to go over and practice because I’ve not played an organ for over a year, but I have continued to keep up my playing of the piano due the convenience of one being at the back of my office.

My day went whooshing by with all the various appointments I had, and when I got back to my office later this afternoon, there were numerous emails to return, along with phone calls that’d come in while I was gone. I was thankfully able to connect with all of those who’d placed calls earlier, because in these dog eat dog times, I certainly don’t want to miss even one business opportunity.

Off and on today, I was keeping an eye on the front door of our Courthouse from my office window, and to my surprise, there weren’t that many people coming and going until the hour of five arrived which meant people were waiting until they got off work to go and vote. I was also shocked when reading how many thousand mail-in votes were received by our County Auditor. I won’t be surprised if this general election is going to be breaking our voter turn-out records. I’m believing the outcome of it all is still a crap shoot, and the reason for it, is how polarized our general public has become. If there should be upsets, then I believe both of our political parties had best start thinking about being more bipartisan than following the commands of their party superiors and special interest PAC donors. Too many have forgotten they were voted in by their constituents who’re expecting them to work for their general good, instead of those holding their purse strings.

I got a much needed laugh today when a dear friend of mine called to say she’s been helping with the cleaning of a very dirty home. She spoke about how many times she had to change the cleaning water because of how nearly every surface was filthy, along with sharing how when she’d take her soapy rag and start wiping up a floor, it would start dragging which she’s rarely experienced. Wicked me couldn’t help interjecting, “Well, when you find your rag is dragging, that’s when you’ve hit pay-dirt”. She didn’t think it as funny as I did, but at least I got a good giggle out of her struggles with filth.

I’m not so sure if I’ll be staying up to watch our election returns, because it stirs me so, and likely tuning into something more settling on the boob tube before hitting the hay.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Whenever considering the paying of lip-service to those in power, your eternal ruin will be assured.

Joe Chodur

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