Tall-windowed Folk Victorian

Yet another beautiful day happened here in North Iowa, and it looks like we’ll be able to enjoy it until the weekend arrives, and sincerely hoping it’s not a repeat of last Sunday because that cold wind was enough to drive every man and beast back indoors.

Most of my morning was spent getting my sale closed, and thankfully it ended up having a soft landing which helped to dismiss all those extra days of waiting. I took the transfer documents over to the Courthouse and recorded them, and then headed back to my office to prepare an envelope to send off the seller’s closing statement and proceeds check. After I personally delivered it in the post office, I walked back to my office and called the seller saying all went well and her check having already been sent.

She’s another one I’ll miss having great conversations with, and hopefully our paths will cross again soon, just so we can pick up where we left off. Professional encounters with such fine characters, make up for all the nastiness we have to endure from those who enjoy making the lives of others difficult.

While on the phone this morning with a dear one, we began sharing our thoughts regarding recent experiences with professionals and business people who seem to go out of their way to over-charge for their services to where it’s likely the norm to where if you can get more, then take more and run. We talked about veterinarians, dentists, and doctors who call for un-necessary tests which do nothing more than add my dollars to their bills. She mentioned a recent visit to a veterinarian with her dog, and not realizing it until she returned home, her bill was $50 more because they gave her dog a shot for heart worms which she’d told them each and every time in the past, not to give it because her lap dog doesn’t go any farther outside than her back patio. I was glad to hear she’s going to stand her ground and refuse payment on that extra charge.

Over the years, I’ve personally seen hospital billings being sent to the elderly, and when looking closer, I’d find charges being made for things they’d not provided. Whenever being challenged, they’d give weak clerical error excuses and then have them reversed. Now how many of our elderly do you think take the time to do any sort of line-by-line reviewing of their clinic and hospital billings? There’s no question in my mind, medical insurance fraud is an on-going fact which is now why Medicare, along with all the other big health insurance carriers, are scrutinizing the bills being sent to them for payment. Without question, I’ve personally seen some pretty jaw-dropping erroneous charges.

I was just reading the other day how many doctors are now opting-out of Medicare and now refusing to see patients who’re under its umbrella. Their reasoning for it, was the extra accounting they have to provide before getting paid. Well, I’m sure there’re other reasons for it, and unfortunately, it appears income driven. Why is it now in vogue to rapidly accumulate wealth? I still subscribe to the my forefathers’ idea to where it’s best to make money the old fashioned way, which is to simply work for it in an honest way.

A Realtor from another office called and asked if he could show 115 S. Connecticut this afternoon, which I gladly gave him the go-ahead. I’m hoping the recent photos I took of it are creating more buyer interest. The more I’m in that home, the more I could personally see myself living there, and since I’m so very much jaded by all the homes I’ve sold over the years, that’s quite a compliment for that tall-windowed Folk Victorian.

Just about every person I came in contact with today, had something to say about our general elections. I wasn’t surprised to see the Republican Party maintaining its hold on its Senate seats along with adding more “red Reps” to the House of Representatives, which I believe is due to that loud-mouthed Ms. Cortez from New York, along with Bernie Sanders who strike fears of socialism into the hearts of those just wanting our Country to get back to the basics of being a true democracy. Most of our quiet majority do not want to hear about such radical ideas because our Nation has managed to survive many troubling times without having hard-core socialism in the picture.

I believe Sweden is but one exception, and likely because their elected leaders aren’t out there trying to upset their citizens with radical notions coming from loud-mouthed politicians who seem to enjoy inciting the need for severe changes in their government.
Yes, I believe our quiet majority will continue to ice-out such political mindsets who “think” they know how to re-invent the wheel of democracy.

It does appear we’ll likely not know the full results of our presidential election until all the votes are counted in battleground States. I just read today where the percentage of our population which voted, is the highest since the election of 1900. Now that’s saying something positive because I’ve heard far too many times over the years from the mouths of the many, that they refused to go and vote because their vote wouldn’t have made any difference. Perhaps there’ll be an even greater increase in our mid-terms, and if there is, it’ll mean our general public has finally realized that each vote does count.

I’m hoping and praying there’ll not be any great unrest started once the final tallies are in because that’s all it’ll do is create even more of a polarization in our Country of which we absolutely do not need in these times, because we already have a very tall hurdle to jump with this China-virus. Each and every day this past week, I’ve been hearing one frightening story after another about either a friend or family member who’s struggling with it. Several days ago I was informed Mercy Hospital’s beds are full. Yes, Iowa is a hotspot which never should’ve been, and after we get thru it, there will be some blaming.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The more one pleases everybody, the less one pleases profoundly.

Joe Chodur

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