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It started out chilly again today, but by the time mid-afternoon arrived, it was actually above 60 degrees which is pointing us in the direction of having a warm week ahead. Let’s just keep hoping it stays that way for more days than being predicted.

Pretty much my main focus today was on getting a home closed on time, and luckily it did because I’ve been having a bad run of sales going weeks over which always makes for some very upset buyers and sellers.

I placed an early call to the buyers and asked if they wanted to do a final walk-thru on their purchase, and fortunately they did which always makes me more comfortable. We set a time a little over an hour before the closing, just in case they had questions or concerns needing to be addressed. Unbeknownst to me, the buyer scheduled their closing a half hour later but neither the closing agent nor buyers bothered to tell me. It was a good thing I confirmed the time with them this morning.

There were a number of drop-ins at office which made for a fast-moving day, and fortunately I managed to be available for all of them. Besides the subject of real estate, they were all bringing up the spiking cases of the China-virus in our area, along with our imminent general election. I’ve been especially careful to remain totally neutral regarding my political opinions because there are some diehard minds in our community who’re more than willing to get me pulled into heated debates, and for that reason, all I’ve been doing is remaining the “listener” just to avoid unnecessary discourse.

Having discovered I was in need of some wooden siding for a certain project, I headed over to the lumber yard to see if they had any in stock. Of course they didn’t, so I asked how long it would take to get it, as well the pricing. After the clerk made a call, I just about dropped to my knees in shock when being told it could be delivered in a week or so, but the price on it was over $2.30 per linear foot.

I knew the cost of building materials has been spiking, but I didn’t realize to what degree which confirmed even more, there’ll be fewer homes being built. I’m sure all of the fires and hurricanes our Country has been hit with this year, is the cause of it, and to top it all off, I was just told today what an area contractor had bid for doing some updating on a home which also created a jaw-drop. Knowing what he wanted done, I’m still in dis-belief the bid given him was $17K which in my book of estimated pricing, was at least three times higher than I would’ve guessed. Unfortunately that contractor didn’t realize the owner of that home is capable of performing himself which is likely what he’ll end up doing. Yes, those glossy monster pickup trucks have to be paid for at the expense of someone. Like I’ve said many times, I understand need, but never greed.

Our final walk-thru took longer than expected, and unfortunately the sellers didn’t bother to clean their home after they moved out, and the biggest gripe was seeing they’d not cleaned their oven which looked like it hadn’t been in many months. You can be sure I’ll be having some words with the listing agent regarding such embarrassments. If I were those buyers, I would’ve demanded a check for cleaning while at the closing table, or do a last minute price reduction.

When visiting with a client today, I learned that he now has some heart issues which he didn’t have before he came down with the coronavirus back in July. Both he and his wife are of the belief that as its by-product, his heart issues were created, and to think he was a younger man and healthy as a horse before contracting it. It sounded like the procedure he’s planning on having in December, will bring his heart condition closer to being normal once again. To think a pandemic needlessly started in a Country half-way around our world, is affecting people we care about, which is why I’ll never get over being angry about China’s attempted cover-up back when it all started.

I’m still waiting to hear what our governor’s plans are regarding the growing number of cases being reported in Iowa. I’ll never understand why she didn’t shut everything down for two or three weeks to keep it from spreading because there are other States which have far fewer per-capita outbreaks than we do, and to think we’re more sparsely populated than those many others. It kinda makes a person wonder what sort of hidden agendas are going on in our Statehouse.

After getting the mail, I found another monthly mailing from our Chamber of Commerce, and after later taking the time to read thru it, I’d say that’s another association which really doesn’t “get it” when talking about the current condition of our business community. I found it laughable when reading how much more money was spent in our City back in 2019. Really? Who cares what degree of spending was taking place before the pandemic hit in our area after the first of this year? That article should’ve been about how much revenue we’ve lost these past ten months instead of supplying irrelevant data, because I’m nearly convinced we’ll never be back up to where we were before all “yell” broke loose. I’m almost to the point of writing a letter to them and asking when they’re going to get their thinking aligned with “real world North Iowa”.

I’ve said more than once how much I truly want the best for our City, but to have such fantasies about returning to pre-Covid times, isn’t even imaginable because we aren’t even close to being to the point of seeing its end. My lingering concern is that the deadly strain that’s now hitting Europe, will soon be arriving on our shores, and if it does, let’s hope and pray its vaccine is close behind.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The first qualification for a genuine historian, is to be blessed with the inability to fabricate history.

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