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I’m beginning to wonder why some shoemakers don’t make dress running shoes, because on a day like today, I could’ve used a pair. Fortunately I managed to get everything accomplished which needed to be, and thankful for it.

Having left early enough, I was again able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, along with not having to fight morning traffic. Judging by the license plates on the cars and trucks, I’d say the only other people out at such an early hour, were delivery trucks, medical workers, and pickup trucks belonging to the construction people who’ve been working on that apartment complex south of the mall.

It’ll be very interesting to see how quickly those units are filled because of its location, and now with our China-virus numbers climbing, I’m not so sure there’ll be that many wanting to live in an complex with well over 100 units. I wouldn’t want that, and I’m sure there are many more like-minded.

Some of the “guard dogs” our offices have at their front doors, are in need of being taught decorum when people are arriving. There was one particular “poke-eyed” who must’ve thought I was going to jump in her lap when she yelled, “Don’t come any closer!” Really? Thank goodness one of the regulars came to my rescue, and you can only imagine how much I wanted to say to the one who yelled at me, “You can bet I’m always keeping my social distance, and especially with you in-discretionary young ones.”

I did manage to sell a residence over in Clear Lake today which was a bit of a struggle for me when trying to getting signed documents from the sellers’ agent. It really wasn’t his problem, but more so the sellers who’d emailed a near illegible contract. I still can’t believe how eroded our tried-and-true protocols are getting to where I’d say in a year’s time, familiar standards will have been all the more drastically changed.

I’m beginning to wonder if the banks will ever go back to having buyers, sellers, and agents attending their closings. There’s one particular bank that will not allow Realtors or sellers to be present, and the only ones given a green light, are the buyers. I thought for sure they would’ve changed it back after our Governor opened everything up, but it looks like several of the banks are wanting it to stay that way.

My much-awaited closing went well today in spite of my having to chase down the seller on the last day to sign several more documents the closing agent was wanting. After today, I’ll have it hard-coded in my brain that on the day of closing, I’ll have to have the sellers available for additional signatures, because I was freaking out a little when finding they wanted more, and luckily the seller was on lunch break and able to stop by my office. In spite of that last minute hiccup, all was well in the end.

While on the phone early this morning with one of our professionals, I couldn’t help speaking about the string of exceptionally bizarre text messages I received several days ago which continues to have me believing there are more people in our City who’re under the influence of mind-altering drugs to the point realities are co-mingled with their fantasies. We both agreed that there must be more mandatory drug testing in all levels of companies, and especially within our area factories. You can be sure the rank and file workers are randomly tested, but what about all levels of their managements?

Nobody really wants to say how many over-doses are called in on a monthly basis in our City, because if they were released, it would be giving our so-called “blue zone” designation a very big black eye. One of the workers Downtown mentioned how often she sees people on “highs” walking past her office before noon. I guess when you’re that much in need, a continued high is the best that can be had. I know our drug task force is doing what it can, but I think there needs to be triple the numbers of those working on ridding our community of an ever-growing problem.

I’m now fully brought up to speed on how many Japanese beetles we have in North Iowa, and unbeknownst to me they have traps you can buy to catch them. I shared my story with a dear friend yesterday regarding how quickly a swarm of them annihilated the leaves of several very large Concord grape vines. I also know they enjoy stripping Linden leaves, and if their numbers continue to grow, we’re going to have some overly-stressed trees. I still keep thinking about how many hundreds of dead green ash trees that’ll have to be removed from Mason City once our Emerald Ash Bore infestation kicks into high. I sure hope someone comes up with some sort of use for all that timber.

Since I’ve been on a roll with getting my current listings sold, I scheduled another public open house for this Saturday morning on the townhouse I have listed at 12 S. Willowgreen Court. Yes it’s going to be on the 4th of July, but I’ve sold homes on that day in years past, along with just about every other holiday. Let’s hope there’s someone in the buying mood that morning. I’m sure there’ll be people out at the poolside, which will make that unit all the more appealing.

In spite of being exceptionally busy, I did take a few moments to read a little of BBC online news. After reading a few short articles, I’d say our world is in one heck of a tail-spin with all these totalitarian regimes appearing as if they want to take over the world. If it’s not the Russians, it’s the Chinese, and if it’s not the North Koreans, it’s the radical Islamists, and those who pay the greatest price, are all those innocent millions just trying to stay alive. But again, what is normal in these times?

Tonight’s one-liner is: Advice is seldom welcome; and those who need it most, want it the least.

Joe Chodur

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