When we have Lilies

For the strangest reason, today continued to seem all the more like Saturday instead of Friday, and likely because so many offices were closed. I didn’t have any scheduled appointments, but I did get some walk-ins which were well received.

The bulk of my morning was spent working on files and accounting, and since I had some banking to do, I headed over to First Citizen’s Downtown office like I normally do, and wouldn’t you know it, they’d closed it for the weekend with a sign on the drive-up saying the main office would be open this morning, so in a westerly direction I headed.

When I got there, the line of cars waiting for service wasn’t to my liking, but I had no alternative but to wait. While waiting, I was reminded again how it seems to take nearly all the bank tellers much longer to get people moved thru, and I’m wondering if the tellers are slower than a ten year itch, or if it’s because their customers aren’t having their banking documents completed before they arrive. Whatever the reasons, they sure are getting slow. Wicked me has been known to tease the tellers at the Downtown Office sometimes by saying things like, “Come on Christmas!”, or “Give your pedal a little gas.”, and of course, “Those who move slow get nowhere fast.” I think they like to be teased a little, which for most, it’s an indication you like them; and that belief coming from my granny.

Since I was already out on the westside, I decided to stop at Fleet Farm’s garden store again and see if they’d reduced their trees and bushes any more. They didn’t, so on my way back to the office I turned into Hy-Vee Drug’s garden area. I’d say they’re doing a good job of getting rid of nearly all their plants. While I was going down the line, I spied some pots of Russian Tarragon which I’d been tempted to plant in the past, but since they’re normally quite expensive, I’ve always passed. Well, today they were less than half price so I purchased two of them which I later planted in what I believed to be a well protected, but sunny spot. Since it’s late in the season, I was exceptionally careful about getting them well secured and given a good soaking with fertilizer mixed with water. Both the Russian and French Tarragon herbs are perennials, so if they manage to get thru their first winters, you should have a long-lasting garden perennial.

I’ve been familiar with French Tarragon for a number of years, and know fully well how persnickety it can be about the location in which it’s planted. I’m hopeful the Russian will be easier to grow and more willing to spread than the French. I tasted one of its leaves, and there is a difference, but not in a bad way. I’d say it’s very much like the French but not having as strong a taste or sweet flavor, but that’s just my opinion. I’ve actually used Tarragon quite a bit over the years as a seasoning for certain foods. If you take a fresh sprig of it, chop it fine, and then sprinkle the top of a plate of spaghetti with garlic tomato sauce, and then add grated Romano cheese on top of that, oh is it yummy.

Part of my afternoon was taken up with an appointment I had in Garner, and you can bet I did not like dealing with the heavy traffic from Mason City all the way to the stoplight in Garner. Those crazy drivers just about had me fit to be tied by the way in which they were tail-gating, ziz-zagging, along with likely texting. Before I got to Garner, I’d say I was following a line of 15 vehicles and an eighteen wheeler riding my tail. Ugh!

When I got back to the City, I received a call from the owner of 818 N. Pennsylvania, and after visiting about our market conditions, she decided to reduce it to $87,000.00 which should spur some new interest in it. That home is exceptionally we maintained, maintenance free, and having very good mechanicals. I’m now on a burn to get it sold.

I also received a price reduction on 902 – 1st St. SE which is a charming two bedroom in our ever-popular Grand View Addition which is out on the east side of our City. It’s now listed at $65,500 which is one heck of a deal for any first-time buyers looking to call a home their own. With the interest rates down, there’s no reason for buyers to be waiting any longer. I’ve scheduled an open house on it for next Saturday the 11th of July. You can bet I could turn that home into a jaw-dropper.

Please don’t forget about my public open house at 12 S. Willowgreen Court tomorrow morning from 10:00 – Noon. I’m really looking forward to having that home sold, so tell everyone you know that’s thinking about making a move.

If ever there were a “problem child” listing, it’s the one I’ve have had around my neck for over six months, and the reason being it hasn’t sold, is because the tenant has been extremely difficult about allowing anyone in. First it was, “It can only be shown after 5:00 on weekdays.”, and then it was, “No more showings until the State opens everything back up with this China-virus.”, and now it’s not being there when a Realtor shows up when the appointment was confirmed the day before. And of course we couldn’t put a lockbox on it because the tenant was insistent on being there because some buyer or Realtor may possibly walk off with something. I’d say without a doubt, that tenant does not want that house to sell. Wouldn’t you agree it’s my “problem child”?

While out and about today, I spied a clump of lilies, so I stopped to take the above photo. For me, the true arrival of Summer is when we have lilies in bloom. I hope there comes a day when I have time to create my own garden of lilies, and you can bet, it’ll be a big one with all the many colors and sizes. Possibly the reason I like them so much, is when I was young, we had a large clump of tiger lilies growing close to a dooryard yard hydrant, and likely the reason they did so well, is because they’d always have extra water from the splashing-over of buckets at that much-used hydrant.

Tonight’s one-liner is: To govern mankind, one must not overrate them.

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