Instead of Taking Ownership

Another early morning began with my stopping by a listing to pick up my sold sign and remove the lockbox from its front door, just so all would be completely finished before I headed over to the buyer’s bank around mid-morning for a closing.

On my way back to the office, I stopped by a client’s home to check on the shingle job being done on a home I sold him several years ago. He’d asked about color choices and shared with him my preferences, which was the main reason I stopped to have a good look at it before I called him. I thought they looked great, and when later speaking with him, he thanked me for sending his preferences in the direction of that particular color.

I only wish all of our residents were as pro-active about keeping their homes in good repair before big problems are created. I know there’s that old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”, but that should never be the case for all home repairs because there are times when we have to stay ahead of possibly bigger and more expensive problems.

There’s no question my day was filled with many phone calls and drop-ins, which caused most of my morning to go flying by. Just as I was heading out to my closing, I was stopped again by a vendor with bill in hand, so I headed back into the office and quickly paid him.

Thank goodness the traffic wasn’t heavy on my trek over to Clear Lake, because when I pulled into the parking lot, I was about two minutes away from being late. My client was already there waiting, and since I was only representing the seller’s side, I had time for a good chat with her before we were called into the closing room. Some banks have buyers and sellers together, and some take each separately, and this one had the buyer sign all the docs first, and then called us all together.

When recently reading about our spiking China-virus cases, I made sure I had my face mask on all the time I was there, and thank goodness, the others in the room had theirs on as well. One of the buyers mentioned how so many are openly congregating in Downtown Clear Lake, and saying how unfortunate it is the bulk of our young aren’t abiding by those standard rules, and especially the social distancing.

If the new cases continue to rise, I’m afraid our State is going to be calling for shut-downs again, and perhaps that’s when everyone will “get it”, and finally realize we have to stay ahead of that nasty virus by keeping it at bay long enough to where there’ll be a vaccine that’ll put it permanently out of commission. So much for having a worry-free summer.

I did manage to get one of the offers I was working on this week put together, so at least I can say I’ve been productive. I’ve assisted those buyers several times in the past when calling upon my real estate services, and ever-thankful that I continue to have loyal and faithful customers considering me to be their first choice.

One of the customers I’ve been working with these past weeks, stopped by to chat about a recent home he’d looked at, and from what I’m gathering, he’s decided to take a break from looking until things settle down a little in this crazy market. I actually don’t blame him because I’ve seen some home sale prices that’ve given me jaw-drops, and thinking forward to the time when we have our cyclical market correction, and those poor buyers being rendered upside-down with their mortgages.

What will likely happen, is they’ll take the easy way out and declare bankruptcy, walk away from their homes, then foreclosures filed, and back on the market at a deeply reduced prices due to wear and tear, sitting empty for months, pipes likely having frozen, and sold to investors or slum lords for pennies on the dollar. You do know much of those end costs get passed on to the average citizen because of the “factored-in” loan losses the banks absorb and then off-set by charging more for their services.

The problem I have with so many in our society today, is that instead of taking ownership for their mistakes, they blame everyone else but themselves because they believe they’re entitled to do whatever they want, and when they want.

I recently read how all the more people are dropping keys off at their banks and credit unions because of inability to make payments on their vehicles. Ok, now tell me who’s fault is that? I’ve never seen a salesperson holding a gun to a buyer’s head and demanding a contract being signed. Have you? Once again, I place much of the blame on parents for not teaching their children the value of a dollar, along with taking responsibility for their failures.

Tomorrow morning is going to be another full day with appointments and an afternoon closing on a listing of mine. That particular home sure has some great features, and above all, its room sizes which are far larger than you’d normally find in that price range. It just so happens to be right next door to where a now deceased aunt and uncle of mine lived who mentioned more than once how much they loved their home and its location. Yes, location can make a big difference when it comes to re-sale.

Another one of my listings went under contract today, which is telling me I need to get out and start beating the bushes for more. I do have several sellers who’re thinking about it, but nothing concrete.

Tonight’s one-liner is: I find it very frustrating how much passing the buck is now being done in society when it comes to taking responsibility for one’s actions and/or in-actions.

Joe Chodur

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