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I made sure to get to the office early enough this morning just so to make several necessary, as well as overdue calls to near and dear ones. Fortunately I was able to catch both of them, just so to bring each of us up to speed on recent happenings in our lives. After having some long-awaited chats with them, I was glad to hear all was well on their far sides of the fence, as well as being thankful there are still all the many people out there who’re are 65+ years old, still in possession of their common sense, because it’s concerned me a bit of late how many more are getting noticeably quirky and oft times, mean-spirited.

As I mentioned last night, regarding my belief that people who’ve been evil for far too long, have lost sight of what goodness is. There’s no question in my mind that drugs and alcohol have a great deal to do with it. There’s one in particular I know whose brain is very much fried from the many years of alcohol and prescription drug abuse, but if you’d happen to have a casual conversation with that person on the street, you may believe being a little quirky, but after extended company, your mind would start sending up red flags. Out of the many years of being around the general public, I’ve learned the dead giveaway for me when recognizing those with crispy friend brains, is when looking into their eyes, because they lack brightness, clarity, and focus. As they say, “Our eyes are the lamps of our bodies within.” Oh well, those of us who’ve not succumbed to such poisons, should be thankful for having strong enough characters by not allowing ourselves to be pulled down into such dysfunction.

When in conversation with one of my early ring-ups this morning, we talked about how there’d likely been a genetic pre-disposition of character while sharing memories about a certain woman. Due both of us having known her father, we’ve noticed that in her later years, similar character flaws of her father’s had started manifesting themselves in her. And if you’re familiar enough with genetics, it’s a given that there are certain traits that are inherited not only from parents, but possibly going thirteen generations back in a person’s blood line. So if you think you have only one roach lurking under your cabinet, you may unknowingly have a herd of them, and just remember, they thrive in the “darkness”. Pretty scary isn’t it?

We’re still working on getting that offer put together that came in several days ago, and hopefully, it’ll come together tomorrow, and if not, then I think we would’ve done just about everything we could to make it happen. If it doesn’t take place, I’ll be a little sad because I believe that home would’ve been good fit for those buyers’ long-term needs.

Part of my day was spent getting documents prepared and signed by a seller, just so we can continue moving forward with her sale. With the banks doing a number of re-financing of existing homeowners, it’s best we get as much preliminary work done as quickly as possible, just so the buyers can keep hammering on their lenders to get their loans processed. I know a loan is a loan when it comes to a bank, but I still believe new purchases should come first and foremost before re-finances, because there are almost always time constraints with buyers.

I’ve decided to have a public open house on 12 S. Willowgreen Court this coming Saturday afternoon, and only because our County is “open” and the weather turning all the more pleasant. I believe it’s prime time to get that unit sold, so I went out today and placed the open house signs, just so the general public will be more aware of it being an open house. A half block away, is a street that has a great deal of traffic during the day, so I figured it a better way to get it in the public’s eye, by having my tent signs out early.

I have several out-of-office appointments with showings tomorrow, and with it being the first of the month, my office will be getting more calls and drop-ins. I’ve already started on my end of the month accounting, just so I’ll not be as late getting it done as I was this month.

While inspecting my cold frame this evening, I was delighted to find about half of the seedlings had sprouted, but what really made me step back and wonder, was finding that the seeds which I’d saved back in 2015 being the ones that’d pushed thru the soil, and not yet one of the seeds from the seed houses, having sprouted. I hope they don’t treat their seeds with some sort of chemical which creates a short “shelf life” for the seeds they sell. I’ll be patiently waiting to see if they do sprout, and if they don’t, I’m sure there’ll be more than enough plants from the seeds I saved five years ago. I’m still wondering why that garden specialist’s article didn’t mention one thing about using a cold frame to start flower and vegetable seeds. I guess it goes to show, we must not always take the words of one person as being “gospel”.

I’ve pretty much got my weekend planned, and all the more ready to enjoy working a little bit indoors and all the more out. Since our winter started early last Fall, and then this China-virus having limited our mobility, I’m as antsy as everyone else, to get cracking outside. I want to get as much work done this season as possible, because whether we want to admit it or not, our summers are shorter up here in the Northland.

After reading an article today, I was terribly sad to discover that some of our experts believe that there’ll be all the more small “ma and pa” business closings all across America, and being the realist, I’ll continue to hope all will be well with North Iowa’s businesses, but I can’t help believing that we will be seeing a rash of closures. As I said, most of us have developed sub-conscious fears of being in crowded spaces and places, and I’ll not be surprised if Clear Lake will have all the fewer seasonal tourists this year.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Let your words teach, and your actions speak.

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