Rolling on a River

Happy May Day! I hope all of you deserving ones, got a surprise May basket, but unfortunately, I believe the basket giving has falling out of style, and now with the China-virus haunting us, there’ll be all the more of our customs being dismissed as not up to speed with our times.

Now that families are growing back together, perhaps there may possibly be a resurgence of celebrating those days where we can polish up on our art of giving. Yes, we do have a long way to go, but I’m hopeful there’ll be a snowballing effect started.

To my delight, we managed to come together on price and terms on the offer I’ve been working on these past days, so it looks like Holtz Realty is back on track with getting its inventory reduced. Once again I was reminded how much more difficult it is to sell a home where someone has lived for more than ten years, because the longer we live in a given home, the more entrenched we become, and whether we want to admit it or not, there’s are all the more invisible strings that keep us attached to our old haunts.

Once again, I had to run out to a home to meet a technician who was to check and see why a gas log fireplace wouldn’t start. He was johnny-on-the-spot, and didn’t take him long to find that the pilot light hadn’t been lit. Once lit, it fired right up, and while there he checked everything over, and found the unit in an acceptable working order. I had suspected it was something very minor, but when buyers want something working, we make sure they’re wishes are fulfilled.

On my way back to the office during the noon hour, I couldn’t believe how many long lines of cars there were at the drive-thru restaurants out on our west-side, and when seeing the congestion, I re-assured myself that it would be a cold day in “yell” before I’d wait that long for a take-away.

Just today a young man mentioned how much money he and his wife had saved during this pandemic, by not eating out three or four times a week, and now that they’re into a new “grove” of cooking and eating at home, he’s discovered how much he enjoys cooking. Good for him! I couldn’t help admitting that I really do dislike eating out, because there always seems to be something that creates a bad taste with me.

Back in the old days, people would normally go out once a week, and those being either Friday night, Saturday night, or Sunday at noontime. I continue to remember from years ago, when driving past the Country House Restaurant which is now completely demolished, but at the time, stood on the corner of S. Taft and 19th St. SW, and seeing their parking lot filled on just those days and time, and the rest of the week, there’d be only a handful of cars on their lot. Their homemade onion rings were to die for.

I’m sure many of you remember the old Kentucky Fried Chicken take-away that stood at the corner of N. Federal and 7th St. NW, and how much business they received during those years. If I’m not mistaken, they even made deliveries to area businesses and residences. You may think me crazy when saying my favorite was their Kentucky Fried gizzards which were off-worldly good. On certain days, you could buy a small box of them, and I think in time, the word got out to where if you weren’t there early, they’d be sold out. Since they closed, I’ve yet to have deep-fried gizzards as good as theirs were.

One fallen-out-of-favor type of restaurant which I believe will become popular again, will be the drive-in restaurants which also have a widow for take-aways. With this social distancing which’ll likely stay with us for many years, it stands to reason why they would be a success in these times, and for sure, we need another one on the south side of Mason City.

Now that I’m speaking about it, I just today re-listed 1707 S. Federal at a greatly reduced price. It’s the old Patrick’s bar and grill, and with the amount of land that goes with it, I’d say $150,000 is one heck of a good price considering the amount of highway exposure it has, and what better place to be, than just down the block from a weakly competing Kwik Trip?

As it has been said for hundreds of years, being in a close proximity to your competitor, makes for a thriving business. I’m hoping there’ll be a contrarian investor out there who’ll realize that now’s the time to buy commercial property on the cheap, because sooner or later we’ll be back to a new normal. If you happen to know anyone looking to expand their existing business, or thinking about a career change, please let them know it’s greatly reduced and ready to SELL.

My last appointment of the day was to meet some buyers out at a home I sold, just so they could do their final walk-thru before closing. I was happy to find everything out, and the home having met the buyers’ expectations. There’s no doubt they’re going to enjoy their new home for many years to come.

The above photo is one I took of the Shell Rock River while I was out in the countryside last weekend. As I’d mentioned before, that body of water is my all-time North Iowa favorite. Just recently someone mentioned how much better fishing there is in it, and mostly due to Albert Lea Lake getting all the cleaner, because that lake is where my favorite river begins. Of course there are all those many other creeks and waterways emptying into it as it meanders southward while quietly humming, “Rolling on a River.”

Tonight’s one-liner is: Fame is like a river that beareth up things light and swollen, and drowns things weighty and solid.

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