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I’m sure many weren’t expecting the strong wind, and if it wasn’t blowing so hard, it would’ve been a pleasant day. Fortunately I had enough office work to keep me busy for the bulk of it.

One of my appointments took me to a home I had to open up for a contractor who was called to do an inspection on a small item that had come up on a home I recently sold. Fortunately it didn’t take that long to look things over and make his notes. It’s pretty much the name of the game with home buyers who’re very much not up to speed with the workings and components of structures.

Twenty years ago, it was much different where buyers usually had a family member or two who were able to give their blessings on the quality and condition of a home that was being purchased. Not to be sounding mean-spirited when saying the ignorance of today’s buyers is a by-product of living in our age of specialization. Just think how many people you know who are fully versed in their specific jobs, but know little or nothing about some of the simplest of “fixes” needing attention in their homes. Believe it or not, many don’t even know their furnace filters need changing on a regular basis, and even if they do, they hire HVAC technicians to do it. Yes, this is how over-specialized our work world has become.

I had a very soulful chat with a gentleman who’s struggled exceptionally hard with his farming operation over the years, and now at a point in his life where he calls a spade a spade. We talked about a number of things including this China-virus and the dumbing down of our American youth. I couldn’t help agreeing with him when he insisted that much of it is to be blamed on our Government’s interference with education, by creating a system where they want every student to be passed with rubber stamps.

If there’s a core to this lack of initiative with our school children, it’s that there’s no incentive to excel because it seems in these times, everyone gets a prize for participation. I still remember the times I was reminded in school that resting on one’s laurels, sets us upon apathetic paths to being plain and simply lazy.

Speaking about this now, has caused me to recall how many times I’ve seen excellent workers being passed over for good jobs for no other reason than those doing the hiring, who were wanting to fill their slots based on anything but merit. And what makes it even worse, are those with loud mouths and “in your face” methodology, getting what they want thru intimidation. Don’t think it’s on just certain rungs of our work-world’s ladder, because it’s happening on every step. I wish those doing the hiring would some day come to the realization that eye-candy has absolutely no meritorious taste.

Later this afternoon I received an offer on one of my listings, so I went ahead and presented it to the seller. We went over just about every detail, so I’ll be waiting until tomorrow when the seller calls me with a decision. I was glad to find the buyers having asked all the right questions, because when people go out and buy a home on whims, it becomes a rocky road to closing. As I’ve always said, “An educated buyer is a good buyer.”

One of the people I’ve been recently working with on finding a home, called and asked to see a home on Friday. I’m not so sure it’ll be a good fit for him because of the size and price of it. I’ve been familiar with that home for a very long time, and I’d say if those walls could only talk, there’d be some hair-raising stories to tell. I’m just glad it’s not my listing.

We have been getting more activity on my listing at 114 – 11th St. NE, and another one scheduled for late morning tomorrow. My goodness gracious! I still can’t believe we haven’t had an offer on it yet, and especially since it was recently reduced to $77K.
Oh well, it’s the times in which we live where lipsticked and staged pigs have the center stage. I was reminded today of just one of those little “piggies” having sold last year for far too much considering its basement leaks like a sieve during heavy rains, and the seller having knowingly not disclosing it to an innocent young buyer. Naughty monkey!

I was delighted when reading an article in the newspaper today about how more people are growing gardens this year. I read thru some of the tips the master gardener was giving the readers, but unfortunately she didn’t speak about creating cold frames which troubled me. It didn’t surprise me when she went on to say it being better to start your own vegetables from seed, but according to her and sadly to say, the seed sellers are running low on seeds to sell due to the amount of buying there’s been this year. Now please remember, save your seeds!

It’s been almost like clockwork these past several years, where I find some nefarious creature attempting to get my attention in a bad way. I’m nearly 1000% certain I know who’s been doing it, and all I can think of when it happens, is how pathetic of a life a senior citizen must be living when having nothing better to do in retirement, than torment another. I’m a tremendous believer in Karma, and unfortunately, karma will encompass not only the wrong-doer, but also blanket those held nearest and dearest.
Just as I mentioned to someone yesterday, “The balance between good and evil is being noticeably tipped in favor of evil. Do you think people who’ve been evil for so many years, no longer remember what it’s like to be good? Now that’s something to have a good long reflection about.

Tonight’s one-liner is: People think it’s their prerogative to degenerate and disrespect someone just because they’re in the public eye.

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