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It was another delightful day in North Iowa, and as far as I’m concerned, Mother Nature can keep them coming. As a reminder, we all must be careful so not to push our physical limits once Spring arrives, because most of us have been sedentary these past 5 months, so if you think you’re more than capable of doing immediate strenuous exercise, be prudent and take it a bit easy, because most don’t realize that far too many injuries are caused when not having built our bodies back into fair-weather workhorse conditions.

One of my dear friends dropped off a huge package of homemade cookies today which tasted just like the “old home”. I’ll certainly have to send her a thank you note for such thoughtfulness. Now I’ll have to do some “paying forward” with her. We visited a little about random prayer and meditation which I only wish more would practice, which not only helps ourselves, but all the world around us, because there’s too much greed, selfishness, and hate growing on our planet to where the balance of good and evil has been tipped to the dark side.

Later this afternoon, I spoke with a well-known about a certain family, within which belongs a very devious and manipulating creature, and after seeing how many minds in that family which I thought “knew better”, were sucked into that person’s controlling abyss. When seeing the end results, which permanently fractured that family, I learned a very good lesson, and that being, no matter how level-headed you may believe someone to be, that person’s sensibilities are out the window if there’s another who’s hell-bent on polluting that person’s mind. Believe me, it takes a soul in possession of cast iron character to resist near-daily onslaughts of twisted realities and well rehearsed suppositions. Yes, my learning curve has grown all the more extended when finally coming to the understanding that there really are people out there who enjoy inflicting un-warranted pain on others. Aren’t there more kinder and gentler ways for people to get their jollies?

After speaking to the owner of 422 S. Tennessee Place, we decided it being the time for me to host a public open house on her condo, so I scheduled one for this Sunday afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. As far as I’m concerned, the perfect buyer for that 2nd floor unit, is a young professional who has no interest in yard work or exterior upkeep. With so many of them working extra hours in their given professions, that condo would be a welcome sanctuary for relaxation and re-generation. I personally love the second floor balcony where one’s able to sit and have a morning coffee and a quick read of the news.

It didn’t surprise me when reading today the World Heath Organization having declared the corona virus a pandemic. Now that’s a serious word which should not be taken lightly. Come next week, I’ll be waiting to see how many more confirmed cases we have after all our vacationing families return home from Spring Break. I’m still in a bit of shock when hearing that many of them heeded not a single warning, but you can be sure if I were a parent of school-age children, crossing the borders of our State would be the last thing I would allow them to be doing at this time.

I just mentioned to several clients this afternoon, how convinced I am China not having truthfully disclosed the number of Chinese who’ve died from that virus. I’ve been hearing another conspiracy theory which has been floating around, and insisting their government intentionally released that virus, just so to maintain control over their politically restless citizens. I don’t want to even think that was the case, because using fear, pain, and death to control others, are the greatest of sins.

One of my sales just got a good appraisal report, which means all we’ll have to wait for, is the title work to be completed. I did drive out to the house and placed a “sold” rider on my sign. I’ll be happy when it’s closed because the seller is growing all the more anxious about getting one more worry off her plate. You can be sure I’ll be on the phone tomorrow with those whom I need additional information from so that it’ll close on time.

I may now be sounding like a mother hen when reminding everyone about being all the more aware of bad “habits” we have which must be stopped when faced with the growing numbers of confirmed cases of the corona virus. First off, there’s no reason for people to be shaking hands or using the pens of others. We must be diligent in keeping safer distances from people in stores, and above all, not using those nasty keypads in stores which are definitely repositories for viruses. I actually told someone today that I’d rather take my chances on handling “dirty” cash and coin, than forced to use one of those many keypads.

On the personal side, I would encourage everyone to wash their hands with soap and water at their first opportunities after returning home from work or shopping. I’ve noticed of late how all the many more in the public who don’t wash their hands properly more often.

What concerns me for North Iowans, is the fact that many have already contracted Influenza A and some even B this winter, which places them more at risk because of their weakened immune systems. I’ll continue to hope and pray that everyone stays in the pink as this pandemic circles the globe, but just remember, whenever working at staying healthy, we must remain pro-active about where we are, and what we’re doing.

Tonight’s one-liner is: A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.

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