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It was good to find the sun out this morning, but unfortunately the clouds started moving in around mid-day. It looks like we’re to have rain again tonight, but I think we’re still ahead of the game with our warmer temps. Unless we have some major rain or heavy snow, I’d say our area needn’t worrying about Spring flooding this year.

As soon as I arrived at my office, I headed over to a storage area to get some things straightened out, along with packing up some more “stuff” I earmarked for the landfill. Since our Spring market seems to be happening later than normally, I figured I’d busy myself with things that were being held far too long on my back burner. People who know me well enough, are fully aware that I don’t like time heavy on my hands.

I forgot to mention another sighting of deer late yesterday afternoon which was another “eye-roller”. As I was heading down South Monroe, and driving under the railroad overpass, there went running across Monroe, six large and fattened female deer. Of course there were cars slamming on their brakes so not to hit those big girls as they were prancing across that four-lane. They must’ve been grazing in the cemetery and then decided to hide in those trees and bushes along the railroad. There’s no question they’ll be having their family sizes doubled, and possibly tripled in a month or two, so get ready for all the more destruction they’ll be causing with our flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.

At least our stock market had a little re-bound after yesterday’s massive sell-off, which was triggered by the tit-for-tat crude oil battle between Saudi Arabia and Russia. I read an article today where that pygmy Putin is reveling in their stand-off with Saudi Arabia because he wants our oil shale companies to go bankrupt because of their not being able to withstand such price drops for long periods of time. I only wish the bulk of Russia’s citizens would wake up someday and say, “I’ve had enough of Putin’s oligarchy.”, and get rid of him, along with his circle of cronies. Sooner or later, every kleptocracy comes to and end, and hopefully the general public of Russia will bury his regime before their country has been bled dry. I’ll continue believing Putin is the richest person in the world, and for sure, he’s not telling where it’s all hoarded in off-shore shell companies.

I visited with the executor today of the home I have listed at 326 – 12th St. SE, and we came to the conclusion that her deceased mother’s home needed to be reduced so we can get it sold and closed. We now have it priced at $78,500, which as far as I’m concerned, is a great buy when considering it has 3 bedrooms, a full basement, a single attached garage, a double detached garage, permanent siding, and much more. There’s no question there’s not another home on our market today in its price range which even comes close to being as great a value.

Unfortunately, there’s a tenant living there, which has been making it more difficult to schedule showings, but as long as a given buyer is willing to wait at least 24 hours, it would be worth it, because without a doubt, that home is exceptionally well built and ready for its new owner. It’s but one more of my listings I consider being a given buyer’s very own personal long-term retirement account.

I also sent a message to the executor of another great value I have listed at 114 – 11th St. NE, and asking when they can get those vehicles removed from the property, along with having the garage cleaned out. It sounded like it’s going to happen this weekend, which will create better drive-by’s and subsequent showings. From the first time I was in that home, I was smitten by that huge 3rd floor living area where a person could easily turn it into a family room, or even a 3rd floor master bedroom with 3/4 bath, because the plumbing is already up there.

This coming Saturday, I’m holding a public open house at 415 – 1st St SE from 1:00 – 3:00 pm., which is another home that should’ve been sold months ago, but with our winter weather, most buyers aren’t as willing to make such moves. I went over and placed my open house rider on my sign today, and when walking back to my car, I looked at that granite marker in the sidewalk which has the names of the original owners, year built, and home style. I’d seen that stone before, but never paid enough attention to its so-called style. Someone named it a “Simplified Queen Ann”, but whomever branded it was wrong, because that home is a classic “Folk Gothic”. Likely the reason they named it differently, is because a number of years after it was built, there was an addition added, which possibly caused some architect to consider it otherwise.

Of all the older styles, I would say Folk Gothic is my favorite, because of the tall ceilings they normally have, the spoon carved woodwork, pocket doors, and abundant windows. Whomever created that addition, did a very good job with matching up style, and even went to the expense of doing a pretty good matching up its foundation. For many years, I’ve always admired the look of that home from the street, and especially the front door entrance being at the side which allows for better furniture placement in the living room. Whomever ends up buying that home, is going to enjoy that enclosed porch facing the east which is entered from the dining room. The exceptionally well-built newer two stall garage which matches the house, is another big plus, and not to mention it being located in walking distance to our museum, library, and Historic Downtown.

If you should just happen to know of a young family looking for a beautiful vintage home, please let them know about Saturday’s open house. The above photo is one of the exterior shots I took of it. Yes, it’s a classic “Folk Victorian” that’s been tweaked by a large addition.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Victorian architecture in the United States was copied straight from England.

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