Down Dark Paths

Since I had much on my plate today, I decided to take in an early Service at one of our area churches.  I got there just in time to find a seat which a few may have thought me a bit strange when just getting ready to step into one of them, then quickly altering my path and ending up in a front-row seat.

The only reason I decided at the last moment not to to seat myself there, was because I just happened to notice a face from my past who had her head turned away, but then when I stepped in, I discovered it was her.  I’m sure it was the best for both of us because she and I got into it a number of years ago over the silliest of things.

It all boiled down to my having allowed a CD of a violin to be played while a female soloist sang a song the bride and groom requested for their wedding they’d asked me to play.  According to her, it was all my fault for allowing “fake” music to be played when I was specifically given strict instructions by her that there was to be no “fake” music played during weddings at that church.

Considering it at the time to be something too minor to concern myself with, I went ahead an allowed the CD to be played which was simply a soft violin accompaniment to that soloist.  Well, yours truly got a scathing email early that following week, and of course I wouldn’t back down by telling her it was an over-sight too small for anyone to concern themselves with.  After re-reading that email, one would’ve thought I’d committed a cardinal sin.  Wow!

From then on, I was a marked man, and you can be sure she held a grudge for me, and likely still to this day.  She’s no longer the head of that church’s music dept, but still has her heavy foot inside its doors, and for sure managed to fill in her replacement with the names of those who were “in” and those who were definitely “out” before handing over the baton to her church’s music department.  So there you have my reason for not sharing the same pew with that woman this morning.

Not long ago, I happened to see her profile on Facebook, and decided to take a look at her so-called “friends”.  It came as no surprise when seeing her “licking out of the same saucer” of like-minded musical autocrats.

This is but one more example why we must continue to wish the world the absolute best,  while also reminding ourselves that it’s in our best interest to keep those who’ve willfully taken us down dark paths, at a very safe distance.

After speaking about such silliness, I can truthfully say, my having been invited to play the organ and piano over at St. Paul Lutheran has been a much needed breath of refreshing drama-free air.  Without a doubt, there are a few churches in our City that should start taking spiritual lessons from St. Paul Lutheran.  In a bit of defense for the larger churches, you can be sure the reason they are the way they are, is that larger congregations have a tendency to have greater power struggles and cliques which have been in place for years, and even generations.  Don’t even think you’ll be allowed in their inner circles unless you’re exceptionally talented, very wealthy, or invited in by a majority. Good luck.

Not to my surprise, I received five calls from various Realtors wanting to show my new listing at 121 Granada Drive.  There were three showings today, and already two set for tomorrow.  I mentioned to one of the agents that she’ll be hard-pressed to find a home with that much square-footage which also includes a three stall attached garage.  I’m going to stay hopeful it’ll be sold before I have my scheduled public open house on it next Saturday.

My public open house at Prairie Place on 1st was a great success today, and I believe there were two different parties that were showing above average interest.  Considering all the festivals going on today, I was thankful to have as many show up as there were.  I did supply a batch of lemon crunch cookies, along with my favorite bottled water which of course is more expensive than what you’d normally find.  Today’s open also gave me another opportunity to visit with some of the existing residents whom I consider the most delightful.

Just as I was leaving, one of the residents walked in and informed me she was over at a church’s festival most of the afternoon, and had to come home because of how cold the wind was blowing.  She did tell me they were auctioning off pies for a very big price, but what shocked me even more, was hearing that a simple quilt was purchased for more than $700.  I’m sure that exceptionally high price was paid as more of a donation rather than its true street value.

Since I’ve worked with a number of elderly women over the years, I can say I’ve seen some real works of art being created my their loving hands.  As chance would have it, I still have a quilt that Anita Nelson gave me a number of years ago as a remembrance of her.  I still have the most kind thoughts of her even now after she’s been gone for so very many years.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Of joys departed, not to return, how painful the remembrance.

Joe Chodur

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