But a Smidgen

Thank goodness the gray skies didn’t hang around after the rain this afternoon.  For a while there, those clouds looked almost like big puffs of smoke.  At least we can say we got enough to get everything wet.  The cooling north wind has been a delight these days, but I don’t even want to think about what this coming winter is going to be like.  I so much would like to have a warmer than normal winter because I think we’re long over-due for one.

I was a little irritated today at a person who called last week and wanted me to give a valuation on her home because she’s thinking about selling.  We both agreed that 10:00 a.m. this morning would be good for both of us.  I knocked many times, waited around, and even tried both doors, but still no movement within.  I’ll have to call her in the morning and see what went wrong.  I hope this business of getting stood up isn’t getting started again.  It seems like it runs in cycles with Realtors in our area, and for whatever reasons they have, I still think it’s a very rude thing to do.

My afternoon showing was good enough to where the buyer decided to drive back to my office and have me write an offer on it.  I had him read all the accompanying documents, visited about the house a little more, and then had him sign everything.  I did manage to get in touch with the seller who lives out of State, and before closing time, we had a deal put together.  That was another home I fretted over not having sold right out of the gates.  The person who purchased it will certainly do some great things with it which makes me happy because that home deserves to be made all the more charming, which is why I couldn’t wish it to go to anyone more capable.

I’m already getting appointments set for these coming days, and several of them are closings that are supposed to be taking place at the end of this week.  I did have one of the sellers stop by today and sign her transfer docs early because she’ll not be available on the day of closing.  They’ve been the most delightful people to work with every time they have real estate needs.

While visiting with her about how filthy people leave their ovens, I couldn’t help saying, “Why is it so many of the younger generation don’t put pizzas and all the other oven-ready foods, on a pizza tin or stone?”  She laughed and said, “Haven’t you read the directions on those packages, because they all say you just heat the oven and place them on an oven rack.”  I looked at her in dis-belief, but I’m sure she was correct in what she said, and I couldn’t help saying, “So we can now go after those manufacturers for mis-informing our younger crowd who nearly ruin the racks and insides of perfectly good ovens?.”  I mentioned my recent walk-thru on a home, and when I looked inside the oven and noticed one of the racks gone, my first thought was that they threw it away, but when looking closer, I found it had been purposely slid between the stove and the kitchen wall.  When I pulled it out, it looked like a filthy outdoor grill rack that had never been cleaned.  What a sight! It makes me wonder sometimes if people who do that, still own but a smidgen of common sense.

Later this afternoon I had a pleasant visit with one of my old clients who’s planning on doing some restoration work on an old home he owns.  He asked if I’d meet him over there sometime soon he could get some pointers.  I more than agreed to do it because he and his family have been exceptionally loyal and faithful to Holtz Realty over the years.

He did mention something about taking down some interior walls so to get the floor plan more opened up, but I had to caution him about possibly disturbing that home’s design and appeal.  I’m fully in agreement with making an old home more open, but when they’re too open, they end up becoming echo chambers where you just can’t get comfortable.

I’m glad that cathedral ceilings aren’t as much in vogue as they used to be, and likely because people are realizing they’re energy hogs, and the rooms they’re above, aren’t the most pleasant to be in because the average person just can’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling when in them for any extended period of time.   Smaller spaces are where most spend the bulk of their time.  If able to secretly follow around the owners of an average McMansion while they’re home, you’d soon discover them congregating in cozier areas of their home.

An old friend of mine is always wanting me to stop over to her home for a visit, and whenever I do, the time spent is short because I feel like a midget in that monster room with its sky-high vaulted ceilings.  Oh well, to each his own.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  I believe life is what you make it, and a smidgen of you being the jellyfish where the tide is just gently helping you along.

Joe Chodur

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