Your Dreams Have Come Alive

When knowing I was going to have a full day, I busied myself early this morning with many of my own little jobs just so I would have at least a few things done before noon arrived.   It was yet another beautiful day in North Iowa once the sun started warming things up.

The first thing I did after I arrived at my office, was to take a broom and sweep all the sand and dirt off the sidewalk in front of my office.  I’ll not even mention the names of those who couldn’t even sweep up after themselves.  It sort of makes you wonder what type of home environments some of these workers have, because I’ve seen all the many who looked as if they’d not changed their clothes in days.

I spent about two hours of cleaning at a project, and by the time I could find a spot where I could draw a finish line, it was nearing the time for me to meet with some buyers at my office.  Just after I completed reviewing what we were going to look at, they walked in.

With this being my first meeting with them, I spent some time going over the process, and above all, my strong encouragement they get themselves pre-approved at a bank.  They seemed receptive to my suggestion, which lead me to believe they’re more on a burn to purchase something before the cold weather arrives.

Of the four homes I showed them, at least one was appealing, which gave me an idea of what type of home they’re looking for.  The others we looked at had too many issues and not enough of the core features they’re wanting.  Just as was pulling up to my office I kiddingly said to one of them, “Now tell me true.  Do you think I bite?”  She laughed and said, “Not at all.”  I ask that question once in a while because of some of the comments I’ve heard being made regarding some of my competitors.  I personally found them quite delightful.

My afternoon appointment took me to 121 Granada Drive where I did my final inspection of that fabulous home before I listed it.  You can be sure the sellers were exceptionally particular about getting it readied for the market.  We priced it well within the range of competition, which should create some serious buyer activity.

The key features of that home which pulls it above the others in its price range, is the three stall attached garage, the main floor family room, the ever-popular east-side district it’s located in, and there being a 1st floor laundry room.  Another feature I personally appreciate, is the half circle street it’s located on which makes for all the less traffic.

I told the sellers that it should sell relatively quickly because of the pricing, location, and the many extras you normally don’t find.  You can be sure there are always those buyers out there looking for that extra garage stall.  We’ll see what this coming week brings.  I am going to host a public open house on it next Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm, but that’s if it hasn’t already sold.  You can bet you’ll find your dreams come alive once you’ve toured 121 Granada Drive!

I just heard that we’re supposed be getting rain tomorrow, and I do hope it’s not pouring down while I’m at my public open house over at Prairie Place on 1st from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  I’m going to take some home-made cookies and bottled water over for anyone wanting a little snack while they’re looking around.

I’m hoping you’re all having a pleasant Saturday evening as we’re sliding towards the end of August.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

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