Excess of Meth Users

The first item on my agenda this morning was to get my tent signs out for tomorrow’s public open house over at Prairie Place on 1st.  I’m pushing all the more for public awareness of my listings via the internet and signage because I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I’m throwing far too much money down a proverbial rat hole when advertising in the Globe Gazette because those thousands of dollars are giving me all the fewer results year-over-year.

I had one more confirmation regarding how all the fewer people taking the newspaper when seeing only two Globe Gazette newspapers having been delivered to an apartment house containing over 25 households, and most of them being senior citizens.  It came as no surprise they weren’t able to get a Sunday edition out several weeks ago due to a power outage, which I viewed as being nothing more than karma just in the beginnings of its kicking back at them for printing such bias and mean-spirited articles for years.

Just this morning I was speaking to a long-time acquaintance about “divine intervention” when it comes to things we expect to happen but don’t, and other events taking place which would’ve never been expected.  I do understand the concept of coincidence, but when you find things happening that are beyond coincidence, then that’s when I’m of the belief divine intervention/karma is taking place, and you can be certain, I just smile while it’s all happening.

I had a mid-morning showing at 415 – 1st St. SE, and the young couple that was looking, appeared to be showing a good deal of interest.  I made sure they read the sellers’ disclosures, along with reviewing its average utility bills.  The owner has been doing a superb job in keeping it presentable, and after the buyers drove off, I called the seller to thank him for all the extra work he’s done to keep it in showable condition.  I only wish all the sellers in our market would be as conscientious as that family has been.

Somehow one of the buyers got on the subject of how indifferent the general public is becoming.  I couldn’t help agreeing to a point, but also mentioned that it’s not happening in our Country alone, but all over the world.  I also interjected that I’m convinced there’s a spike in tribalism to where we must always be careful not to “offend” some poor devil who is of the mindset of knowing just the way things are and how they should be.

Since I didn’t have a public open house today, I busied myself with what would’ve been my Sunday chores.  I was afraid it would start raining before I finished with them, but fortunately rain didn’t materialize out of those dark clouds.

While I was out, a recent transplant to our area stopped for a little chat.  I asked him how he likes living here in North Iowa.  He hesitated a bit and then said, “I think you all have an excess of Meth users along with those consuming far too much alcohol.”  I couldn’t help but agree with him, and when he mentioned something about the back-packing bicyclers, he also added, “I’m pretty sure they’re not part of a large study group/book club who’re getting together to read and discuss the “books” they have in those backpacks.”

His perceptions of what’s happening in our City should be a wake-up call for something to be done about our drug and alcohol problems which appear to be all the more evident to recent additions to our community.  It’s good to have outsiders looking inward at what’s taking place in North Iowa because most of our residents have grown accustomed to seeing so much of it to where such oddities no longer register.

Since I had time, I decided to attend a local church Service.  I did manage to have a good chat afterwards with a longtime client/customer and his daughter.  Having become  acquainted with nearly his entire family over these long years, I smiled and said, “How is it you did such a good job of raising your family?”  Without hesitation he said, “We made sure to always give good direction.”  I then said, “Well, you must’ve said or done something that stuck with your children because I know all too many who didn’t follow thru with the good directions they were given while they were growing up.”

Of course he mentioned something about what he’d read in the newspaper some weeks ago and that’s all I could say was, “There are a few who’re rolling over in their graves regarding those mean-spirited clips.”  It did give me a little comfort when he said, “Whoever did that must have a warped sense of humor because I didn’t find them the least bit funny.”  Before he drove off I said, “I’m glad you’re a good judge of character because there was another long-time local familiar of my family who said it was knowingly done by someone so terribly mean-spirited from within, along with never having expected it being sent to print by someone in my immediate family.”  That’s all I could do was apologize, wave him goodbye, and continue moving forward with my job of living.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.

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