I’m happy to announce that the buyer I’ve been working with this past month, did manage to get a home purchased today. It has been a long journey of looking, but I believe she ended up with the best home for the money in our market.

What I really appreciated about working with her, was her great intelligence to where she not only looked for a home she’d feel comfortable with, but also had the sense to back away far enough to weigh all the pluses and minuses of those she narrowed down to be in her final cut.

She was also one step ahead of most buyers by sending over to her bank, all the necessary documentation needed to get her loan started.  With that having been done, the processing of her loan will be on a fast track to closing.  I’m going to remain confident it’ll get closed in less than a month’s time.

We happened to be in a district today which was near a home of a dear lady whom I’d known exceptionally well for many years, and while driving past it, I mentioned how much I disliked that woman’s husband because of how verbally abusive and exceptionally controlling he was of her. I went on to mention how long it took me to get over my anger towards him for creating a miserable life for a once very strong woman.

I’ve always considered today’s buyer to have a deep understanding of much, but when she offered a thought that was passed on to her some years ago, her acumen was all the more confirmed.  I’m sharing that tidbit which went, “Why would you allow someone like that to live in your brain rent-free?”  When hearing it, I had a near jaw-drop because of how simplistic yet very true it to be when considering all the naughty monkeys we allow to take up space in our minds.

When thinking about it later, a story came to mind that was told me by my mother a number of years ago regarding an older woman who my parents hired for a time to help with the household chores back when we lived on the big farm.  Her name was Nettie, and whenever in conversation with her about some problem person or thing, she’d shake her head and say, “I’m not going to bother my brain with such stuff.”  I guess that was a way for Nettie to keep bad thoughts of others from moving in rent-free.

Just this afternoon I shared what was passed on to me with several people, and wasn’t a bit surprised how taken they were by those words, and could certainly tell they were processing it afterwards.

For the longest time, I had to endure the gossip mongering of one of my relatives who fully enjoyed relaying all the tidbits of trashy news she managed to gather on her own, or via hearsay.  I wasn’t sure what was said or done some years ago, but one day I suddenly realized listening to that nonsense of tearing others down just so to build her and her family up, just wasn’t for me.  Unfortunately, she found another ear to bend and then dismissed me as being a person I’m not.

Such actions only stand to reason when turning away from people like that because they suddenly take it personal when discovering you just don’t want to listen to the tearing down of others, and because she’d been doing it for decades, she to this day doesn’t realize how toxic her stories have become.  For me, the most annoying of her gossipy ways, was how she laughed about the troubles, pains and hardships of others.  No thank you very much!

I have an appointment in the morning to show 415 – 1st St. SE to a prospective buyer who has already investigated the neighborhood.  I’m going to remain hopeful it’ll be a good showing because he’s already said, “I really like that neighborhood.”  I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t like it because of its close proximity to many of our City’s cultural attractions.

On positive note, I must share another conversation with today’s buyer when talking about how we must make our homes work for us by creating our own private sanctuaries.  Her and I were in full agreement when sharing thoughts on the key ingredients for creating sanctuaries.

Whenever showing homes that are poorly kept, randomly decorated, and dysfunctionally designed, I always wonder how those owners are able to get themselves quieted down enough to where they can comfortably enjoy their home hours.  Of course I don’t even want to go there when talking about the smells I’ve encounter in many of them.  Another good laugh I got, was when today’s buyer said, “You know, people really do develop nose blindness while living in homes like that.”   That was one more question that had  bothered me for years which was answered today.

Wish me luck on Sunday’s public open house over at Prairie Place on 1st which I’ll be hosting from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  As of today, there are only five (2) bedroom (2) bath units remaining to be sold.  Yeah!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  As long as you don’t forgive, who or whatever it is, will occupy rent-free space in your mind until you start your own eviction process.

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