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It was a wild ride in real estate today with all the quirky little events taking place, but I did manage to keep my appointments intact without being late or having to re-schedule.  Yes, there are always those singular and thankfully few days when we feel as if the universe is out of balance, and then wishing it would quickly re-align itself.  When thinking about those near bizarre calls that came in throughout the day, I’m hoping that when the sun comes up tomorrow, the world of North Iowa will have snapped back to normal.  I likened it to listening to the tick-tock of an old grandfather’s clock, but missing the tock. When mentally hearing a tick, tick, tick all day was a bit annoying.

This year looks to be one of those where this business of “rent to own” is back in the minds of people who haven’t a clue of its real concept.  Within the last 24 hours, I’ve had two people ask if I had any rent to owns available.  Not long ago I finally broke down and explained to a tenant/buyer what usually takes place whenever two people come together and agree to enter into such an arrangement.  After my brief description, he didn’t seem the least bit interested in proceeding forward with such a contract.

There’ve been times over the years when I’ve bluntly said to those wanna-be rent to owners, “You either rent a home, or buy one, because a rent to own situation is like having one foot in the front door, and the other hanging out the back.”  I’ve also shared stories of tenants believing they were living in rent to own homes belonging to dark-minded landlords, who when the tenants would finally say, “We don’t want to live here any more, so please give us back the extra money we’ve given towards owning this home.” You can imagine what those naughty landlords told them while knowing there was nothing in writing about any division of rents–especially the amounts supposedly going towards the downpayment of their “rent to owns”.

You can rest assured there’ve always been those who’ve discovered ways to take un-due advantage of others, yet it’s been going on since we humans fell out of the trees.  You think laws were made to stay ahead of our crooks and thieves?  Not so, because new laws near-always go on books after groups of people have been duped.  As we all know, the internet criminals seem to always be one step ahead of our cyber-crime stoppers.  It’s terribly sad, but the cold hard truth.  My advice has always been, “If something appears too good to be true, then it isn’t, so walk or run away quickly.”

We’ve had multiple showings on the Prairie Place on 1st every day this week.  It comes as no surprise since so many of our elderly have had to endure such brutal days this past winter.  A gentleman I was showing the units today mentioned how he’s found his years slipping away all the more quickly, and now thinking it’s time to be prepared all the more sooner than later for the inevitable.

A dear elderly client once referred to our last stages of life as being, “Old Age Disease.”  One of the unit owners mentioned in passing how much he enjoys living there.  I couldn’t help but say to the gentleman is was showing today, “Please don’t think I’ve coached the owners to speak highly of this complex, because I haven’t.”

Late this afternoon I wrote an offer on a home that seems to be a good fit for the buyers.   As chance would have it, it’s listed with another agent/agency.  I did forewarn them it’s usually a longer waiting game with that particular agent who for some reason is filled with litanies of excuses whenever trying to get something put together.  I’m beginning to believe that agent enjoys getting un-necessary attention in a bad way with all those foot-draggings.

I’ve decided to have a public open house this SUNDAY at Prairie Place on 1st for two hours beginning at 1:00 pm.  Now that North Iowa is “greening up”, I figured it’s time for one.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  People who go crazy are far too sensitive.

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