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I was of the understanding that we were to get rain tomorrow instead of today, but it looks like the rest of this week isn’t going to be the sunniest.  I wasn’t happy to hear we under severe thunderstorm watch later today, and luckily it didn’t happen because I had homes to show.

With it being the first of the month, my duties were all the more compressed, considering I had several showings outside the office.  One of those appointments was a good twenty minutes late, which caused me to say something about being tardy.  His being late was quickly forgiven when he told me that about an hour earlier he’d been bitten by a dog.  Fortunately only his slacks were torn and his pride a little bruised.

His dog bite story prompted me to tell of the two times in my life when I was bitten.  The most recent incident took place at a home that was on the market for sale, but occupied by a tenant.  That particular tenant had a real axe to grind with me because he blamed me for the owner deciding to list it.  Go figure.  With that said, one particular evening, I couldn’t seem to get in touch with him by phone so to alert him his home was going to be shown the next day, so off I drove to his house to place a note on the front door.

When I got there, I noticed lights on, so I knocked several times until he finally came to the door.  Well, it wasn’t just him that came to the door, because out from behind him lunged his schnauzer in an attack mode.  Yup, he got me good.  His bite was so hard that it went thru my slacks and into my leg.  Instant fury rose within me to were I grabbed his dog with both hands and squeezed until it let go.  I handed it back to his owner saying, “You’d better hope I don’t have to go to the doctor over this.”

As soon as I got back to my office, I cleaned and bandaged my wound.  Not minutes later the horrible thought rabies came to mind.  I immediately called the tenant and asked if his dog was up to date with its shots.  His only answer was, “I’m pretty sure they are.” That wasn’t good enough for me so I insisted he contact his vet and get me proof.   Since I didn’t hear from him the next morning, I took the liberty to call his vet myself.  I couldn’t believe his vet refused to answer my question regarding that dog’s vaccinations.  After I hung up, I called that tenant and told him he’d better have proof before the sun went down, or I was going to take his dog’s bite to the next level.

Fortunately I did get proof later that day, but I certainly did some ear-chewing on that tenant.  After that incident, I strongly recommend people to never take animal bites lightly–especially in these times with all these low-lifes running around with vicious dogs being held back by weak chains.

On a brighter note, and as promised, I’m proud to announce my new listing located at 217 – 5th St. NW here in Mason City.  It’s actually one of our City’s homes that was built in 1912 by the Gildner family who owned their long standing, and well respected men’s clothing store here in our City for a very many years.

If when walking thru the home, you’ll soon realize that when they had it built, the Gildner’s spared no expense.  Its floor plan is one of the better designed I’ve toured over the years.  Every time I’ve been in the home, I’ve had the feeling of just wanting to stay a bit longer.  And if you’re into natural light, it has copious amounts of it filtering in from all directions.

Do take a good look at all the photos I posted, and if interested in viewing it, please give me a call.  It’s truly a home where the most pleasant of memories are waiting to be created.   The Gildner House is all the ready for its new owners to arrive, and hopefully with a good dose of children underfoot.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  People are boring unless they’re extremists.

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