May Showers

Today happened to be one of those where I felt to be burning a candle at both ends due to my having weeks ago scheduled a continuing education class which we Realtors are required to take on an prescribed basis.

Since the class started out at NIACC at 8:00 am, I made sure to get to the office all the  earlier so to respond to over-night emails and get docs prepared.  Luckily I managed to have everything I needed finished just as the time arrived for me to get in my car and head east.

Today’s class which is always a requirement, was one I’ve taken countless times before.  Once again, I felt like I’d rather be taken out and given a good beating than having to endure another grueling eight hours of it.  It wasn’t as bad as some have been before, but I still battled with myself to keep from falling asleep a number of times, which is why I nearly always look for a seat at the far rear of those required classes.

While looking at the can of juice I purchased, a clever idea popped into my head which inspired me to pull out a blank sheet of paper, and with pen in hand, I began writing everything that was written on that it–and I mean everything.  Each time I started nodding off, I’d force myself to read, and then write a few more lines of what was stamped on that can.

Our instructor must’ve considered me to be the best of students while likely noticing me fill nearly a half page of what he thought to be notes, when in fact there were ingredients, calorie and carb information, and all the other language most would never even bother to look at, let alone fully read and copy. Believe it or not, it actually worked very well at keeping me alert those long hours.  The four hour classes don’t bother me so much, but the all-day ones are the killers.

Over our lunch hour, I rushed back to the office to return calls that were left on my answering machine, along with running several errands to banks that weren’t open when I left this morning.  All I had time for was a hard boiled egg, a slice of cheese, several hard rye crackers, and an apple.  Thank goodness I have a fridge at the back of my office which I keep stocked with only a few staples just in case I have only about five or ten minutes to spare for lunch.

When I arrived back at the office after class, I found that an offer which I wrote for a couple yesterday, was accepted and returned to me by the listing agent.  I immediately alerted my buyers about their new purchase, along with sharing in their excitement over it being their first home.  First-time buyers are normally the most emotional, and I fully understand why.  Whenever there’s a door opening to a positive chapter in our lives, our excitement becomes delightfully contagious among many.

Several of the Realtors that were in class today spoke highly of my listing at 801 West Main in Fertile which I’m now on a burn to get re-sold due to a previous buyer’s inability to get financed.  If any of you, or anyone of you know someone who’s looking for a turn-key, and all the more ready in-town acreage, please send them my way.  Always remember, Fertile is only a straight ten mile drive from Clear Lake.

This quirky weather we’ve been having is now spilling over into May.  Our soil is still very saturated with water from the snow and recent rains, and now it’s raining again.  Our grass in growing super-fast to where I guarantee we’ll be out mowing in less than a week.  Instead of April showers, we’ve been flipped to May showers.  Mother Nature really did skip over April this year.  And by the way, I’ve yet to see a tulip blooming.

My one-linger tonight is:  Private property created crime.

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