Sweeping Temperatures

Sweeping Temperatures-1There’s no question I was out of the office more than in today with it being the first of the month as well as a Monday.  At least I did get everything accomplished including having one of my listings sold.  Looks like December is going to be an active one.

One of my personal chores today was to go over to the bank and have some debit cards created for Christmas gifts I’ll be giving to a select few individuals who I believe are deserving.  I’d rather give money because unless you know exactly what someone wants, it turns into nothing but a crap shoot.

Since my mother’s passing over a year ago, I’m still not yet up to speed with holidays.  In these times, I’m perfectly happy with the “fly overs” I make when public celebrations arrive throughout the year.  I just find something else to do and call it just another day. Of course I’ll be sure to attend a Christmas Service at an area church.  It’s interesting how two deaths in a family can create rippling effects of change that reach out farther than one would’ve ever expected, but life must go on after realizing there’s not much else we can do other than move forward with the present while looking to our futures.

Tomorrow is the day our run-off elections take place for two vacating seats on our City Council.  I hope everyone has done as much research on those candidates as possible before going to the polls.  I have some mixed emotions along with “bad gut” feelings regarding several of them.  After doing some extra reading this past week, I’m now certain which one I’ll be voting for in my Ward tomorrow.  I smile while thinking about an old German saying which translates as, “New brooms sweep clean.”  But you know what we have when someone lights a match to a new broom?  You have a new broom creating a major fire hazard in the room.

These next days I’ll be sure to contact Travis Hickey for remaining steadfast with his beliefs during that special Council Meeting last Tuesday.  We need more people like him in our government who refuse to be swayed by loud-mouthed special interest groups. It was amazing how calm and collected he remained during those three grueling hours while most others were spinning and squirming.  Several days later someone said, “I’m so glad our City managed to dodge a bullet.”  I quickly replied, “In time, our citizens will realize it was more the size of a Scud Missile.”

Tonight was the second time I noticed a City bus driver not being more careful with his/her driving.  About a month ago, I noticed a female bus driver drive right thru that 4-way stop at the corner of S. Pierce and 6th St. SW.  Tonight, as I was waiting for the arrow light to turn green when at the corner of S. Monroe and Hwy 122 so I could turn left onto the highway, it turned green and while I was beginning to turn, another City bus started crossing the highway and heading north on S. Monroe.  I had to slam on my brakes so I wouldn’t turn into him/her.  I laid on my horn, but that bus continued to freely sail past me.  Don’t those drivers understand 4-way stop signs and green turning arrows?

I was actually happy to be outdoors most of our early afternoon.  Can you imagine it was 65 degrees at 2:00 pm today?  It felt like September returned for but a few hours.  Now look at it!  The temps have dropped about 30 degrees and the wind is picking up.  I’ll certainly remember this day as yet another example of how North Iowa can experience wide sweeping temperatures.  I can hear the wind howling all the more out there, so stay indoors where it’s warm and safe.

Joe Chodur

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