Snowy Creek

Snowy CreekThat white stuff I encountered on the ground this morning certainly wasn’t a pleasant sight, but at least it wasn’t the nasty wet snow we were getting in past months.  I’ll likely never forget that night it was thundering and lightning while snowing.  It was way too creepy.  Of course I had to get most of my shoveling done early before my appointments arrived.  I’m sure everyone who saw my hair today must’ve thought it looked a bit disheveled due to my having worn my stocking hat while out shoveling.

One of my appointments today was at a home owned by a seller who called days ago asking for a market analysis.  I was beyond wowed by the design and appeal of the home, along with the utmost care that had been given to it since it was built.  I was informed that it was custom designed by the owner.  I’m sure if the owner does decide to sell it, there’ll be many people very much interested in it.  We really don’t get that many homes on the market over a year’s time that fit all the criteria of marketability.  I would say I didn’t find a thing wrong with it other that wishing I could snap my fingers and trade homes.  I went on to tell the seller how hard it is for me to be overly impressed by homes simply because I’ve been in hundreds of them over the years.  Yes, I’m jaded.

Believe it or not, someone noticed the Nash Airflyte photo from yesterday and as of this afternoon, it has a new owner.  I had a feeling I was going to get some inquiries on it because it’s mid-century and has a Mason City address on it.  I’m sure the new buyer will get great enjoyment out of it.  Having worked with people who do buying and selling of collector’s items and antiques, I’ve grown to recognize things that are highly sought after.  I’ll never forget a crock rolling pin with an area town’s name on it getting sold to a collector for somewhere in the area of $500.00. We may not know it, but nearly everyone has a collection of something.  I don’t even want to talk about or remember the craze over beanie babies.

There’ve been several properties that I recently placed under contract which I wish I had about a dozen of each in knowing they’d all be sold.  I can’t believe how many inquiries I’ve been getting on them.   I’m glad I had an open house yesterday at 116 N. Seminary in Nora Springs because I’ve already had three calls on it today.  That home home offers a lot of bang for the buck—especially for young families wanting to send their children to a school in a smaller district.

I do hope all the roads are clear by morning since I have to meet a gentleman at an acreage at an early tomorrow.  I did happen to notice several cars in the ditch today which doesn’t surprise me because of the way the temperature was making the roads more greasy.   Since I had my camera with me, I took a little detour to see if I could find something to take a photo of which I could use for tonight. I thought the above shot was quite good, which I refer to as “Snowy Creek”.  It typifies our area’s stark natural beauty.

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