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localMore and more these past months I have been discovering how much local enterprise is sprouting in and around Mason City. MicroEconomics is where it all seems to start with when an upward lift in community spirits begin. Later it seems to become contagious when even the naysayers start making positive comments. When local governments become more of the mid-set of opening doors and making exceptions to bureaucratic rules rather than standing fast and firm with the gates to progress being closed and locked to only but a select few. I remember a decade ago approaching the city about changing the zoning on a particular property that was improperly zoned years before. When I approached the 1st person I was directed to plead my case, I was snubbed and basically told I didn’t have a chance in Hades of getting that property zoned back to Residential. I thought to myself at that time, this is a person that is filled with a controlling mindset as well as an ignorance to the broad picture of growth.  Well, about 3 months later, the city granted a zoning change. In my mind at the time, it was a win-win situation. The property would be improved, the taxes would be increased, and the neighborhood had one more owner occupant. It continues today.

Getting back to progress and local enterprise. I visited with a close associate today about her favorite 2 or 3 day vacation spot. It is only about a 1 ½ hour drive from here. The more she told me about the exquisite natural setting, the more I just wanted to hop in my car and go there. North Iowa has far more beauty if you would look for it, than most would think. Part of this reason is that we don’t have that dense of a population. If you would consider the actual land size of our state in comparison to the the number of people that live here, you would be shocked to find that Iowa is one of the lesser populated states in respect to square mile area. So, in closing I encourage everyone to consider creating some enterprise local and/or buying local. When you buy local and you have a problem, the owner is a short drive or phone call away. Isn’t that something to think about?

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