Drop Crotch Mania

It seems today was one of those days where there were more younger men walking around town wearing the “infamous” drop crotch jeans and sportswear. Every time I see them they remind me of penguins walking. And when they are grabbing at the waistband trying to hold them up, they as well remind me of a woman wearing a long skirt trying to step up a step, or over a mud puddle.

Most people don’t know where this style got started. Well, it started in the prisons where the inmates are not allowed to wear belts and subsequently their trousers sag. It’s supposed to be a sign of free spiritedness. Oh well, so much for being a free spirit. I would consider it quite restraining at best. Exposing ones underwear along with always having one hand on the waistband along with waddling like a penguin at a slower pace, doesn’t seem very free spirited to me.

Some of the municipalities are enacting ordinances in the public transit systems where bus passengers are not allowed on the bus if their underwear is showing. I don’t think they have too many to throw off the bus because likely most can’t get their legs high enough for the first step. The dress code in all levels of the schools systems should become more strict as well. Who wants to be looking at an exposed section of a student sitting forward in class every day of the school year? I wonder if to date, there have been any studies done as to whether there are any permanent growth disorders in hips and leg bones due to the daily dis-functional movements. It now makes me wonder if when these very “penguins” aren’t wearing their drop crotches, do they continue to walk like toddlers with their pants full of doo-doo? I pray we have some young budding designer who will create some new and delightful design that will counter-balance this drop crotch mania that is now the rage.

Joe Chodur

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