Watch out for the Buses

After so many long years of being a real estate broker, I find yet today there are still those darn buses that seem to come out of nowhere. You can be driving along minding your own business of doing your job and the next thing you know, there’s the bus. What I’ve noticed the most is that they seem to appear when you’re confident they’re not around. I have also discovered that there are certain bus drivers that actually are out looking for you. That may sound scary but it’s a fact. They want to catch you when you least expect them and likely the appear around the next corner. What I can’t seem to understand is that the naughty bus drivers seem to absolutely love catching you off guard at likely your most vulnerable moments when you’re maneuvering some of those rocky roads we all seem to be on at times. I’ve noticed days when these bus drivers actually sit and wait for you to make a wrong turn and then—they’ve got you. No matter how innocent the wrong turn may be, they take every advantage of the situation and get you to stop and try to point you in the correct direction. This is when it’s too late because as soon as you’re out of your element, the bus driver so cleverly gets one of his or her accomplices to stay behind and as the bus driver is pulling away from that unfortunate incident, you then find yourself thrown under the bus. And “Wow” that really hurts. I could never understand why anyone would want to throw someone under a bus. Animals don’t even throw other animals under a bus.

I often see a bus early in the morning likely on its way into the city. It’s a good reminder for me to be careful of someone who is looking to throw me under their bus. My advice is to always keep your mind’s eye on a continuous watch for that evil bus driver who whats to see you suffer under his or her bus.

Joe Chodur

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